Ability Types


There are 107 abilities in ToL. Abilities are split up into 3 types:

  1. Passives (20+1 in Aftermath)
  2. Day Abilities (22+2 in Aftermath)
  3. Night Abilities (60)


Passives are abilities automatically applied to some roles, giving bonuses like Immunity to occupation.

Passives by Alphabetical Order:

  1. Blackened Shield (The Possessor)
  2. Call The Dead (The Priest)
  3. Can't Touch This (The Mastermind)
  4. Consume Soul (The Soulcatcher / The Reaper)
  5. Dark Words (The Apostle)
  6. Devoted (The Priest)
  7. Driven (The Possessor)
  8. Dutiful (The Butler)
  9. Failure (The Mercenary)
  10. In The Shadows (The Mastermind)
  11. Isolation (The Hunter / The Poacher)
  12. Looking For Work (The Mercenary)
  13. Pass The Torch (The King)
  14. Poor Fellow (The Fool)
  15. Remedy Studies (The Physician / The Herbalist)
  16. Resolve (The Scorned)
  17. Retribution (The Hunter / The Poacher)
  18. Royal Blood (The Noble / The Aristocrat / The Princess / The Duchess / The Prince)
  19. Tenacity (The King)
  20. Unstoppable (The Prince)

Passives by Alphabetical Order (Aftermath):

  1. Slippery When Wet (The Madman)

Day Abilities

Day abilities are generally used for social disruptions during the day phase, although some classes, such as The Assassin, have some very lethal abilities that you shouldn't take lightly. Each class can have up to 2 day abilities, but the average class has only 1.


Day Abilities by Alphabetical Order:

  1. Angry Bird (The Nightwatch)
  2. Bewilder (The Invoker)
  3. Bind Soul (The Priest / The Soulcatcher)
  4. Blood of Mithras (The Cult Leader)
  5. Dark Rune (The Sage)
  6. Decide Fate (The King)
  7. Distract (The Assassin)
  8. Eavesdrop (The Apostle)
  9. Expose (The Seeker)
  10. Faint Whispers (The Apostle)
  11. Gather Darkness (The Reaper)
  12. Icy Touch (The Reaper)
  13. Imprison (The Prince)
  14. Little Bird (The Observer)
  15. Mental Blur (The Illusionist)
  16. Misdirect (The Psychic)
  17. Nightshade (The Assassin)
  18. Offer Contract (The Mercenary)
  19. Pants on Fire (The Court Wizard)
  20. Tar Potion (The Alchemist)
  21. Telepathy (The Psychic / The Illusionist)
  22. The Royal Finger (The King)

Day Abilities by Alphabetical Order (Aftermath):

  1. Scrutinize (The Inspector)
  2. Slaughter (The Usurper)

Night Abilities

Night abilities are generally used to gather information and clues to deduct friend from foe to ensure you are targeting your enemies when it comes to accusing them of treason or using a lethal ability on them. Depending on your faction, class and type, you can kill, heal, protect, speak to the dead and more. Each class can have up to 2 day abilities and most classes have both slots to choose from at night.


Night Abilities by Alphabetical Order:

  1. Assassinate (The Assassin)
  2. Bat Eyelashes (The Duchess)
  3. Bait and Switch (The Scorned)
  4. Bear Companion (The Poacher)
  5. Brainwash (The Cult Leader)
  6. Brotherhood (The Ritualist)
  7. Chains of Corax (The Invoker)
  8. Cold Steel (The Knight)
  9. Collect Soul (The Soulcatcher)
  10. Concentrated Wine (The Butler / The Servant)
  11. Construct Reality (The Illusionist)
  12. Convert (The Mastermind)
  13. Crimson Potion (The Alchemist)
  14. Dark Wisp (The Duchess)
  15. Deceive (The Fool)
  16. Drug (The Herbalist)
  17. Emerald Potion (The Alchemist)
  18. Eradicate (The Cult Leader)
  19. Execute (The Prince)
  20. Exhume (The Physician)
  21. Expert Investigation (The Sheriff)
  22. Flirt (The Princess)
  23. Follow (The Observer / The Nightwatch)
  24. Forage (The Assassin)
  25. Frame (The Scorned)
  26. Frenzy (The Enforcer)
  27. Gaze (The Seeker)
  28. Guards! (The King)
  29. Heal (The Physician)
  30. Ice Ward (The Court Wizard)
  31. Identify (The Seeker)
  32. Link Minds (The Psychic)
  33. Magical Barrier (The Court Wizard)
  34. Maid Spy (The Noble / The Aristocrat)
  35. Mind Warp (The Illusionist)
  36. Oracle (The Illusionist)
  37. Protection (The Enforcer)
  38. Possess (The Possessor)
  39. Reap (The Reaper)
  40. Rebound (The Mercenary)
  41. Revive (The Priest)
  42. Sacrifice (The Knight)
  43. Secret Message (The Noble / The Aristocrat)
  44. Serve Wine (The Butler / The Servant)
  45. Shock (The Sage)
  46. Smite (The Paladin)
  47. Snare Traps (The Poacher)
  48. Spike Traps (The Hunter)
  49. Stand Guard (The Mercenary)
  50. Strength of Corax (The Ritualist)
  51. Strings of Corax (The Invoker)
  52. Surprise Mojo (The Fool)
  53. Test Faith (The Paladin)
  54. Unearth (The Herbalist)
  55. Unleash Souls (The Soulcatcher)
  56. Wall of Fire (The Sage)
  57. Watch Carefully (The Nightwatch)
  58. Will-o-Wisp (The Princess)
  59. Window Peak (The Observer)
  60. Wolf Companion (The Hunter)

In-Game Wiki

Abilities don't have to be memorized - you can access the in-game wiki "class cards" by pressing TAB:


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