There are various different types of armor in Throne Of Lies. The gender of your character depends on which armor you wear. Currently, all armors cost 50gp each, except the Squire's Plated Armor, which you character starts with. You can equip them in the customization menu, where you can also equip weapons.

Armor List

Squire's Plated Armor (Male, Description: The Plate is a bit rusty, it smells of cabbage, the elbows squeak. However, it's shinier than expected and it was passed down for free! Includes a plate helm with an exposed face.)

Obsidian Plate Armor (Male, Description: Those wielding this fine, obsidian armor shows royal advocacy to the Throne, backing the King's army. Crested with amber, this signifies both strength and nobility. Includes an ornate, face-covered helm.)

The Feathered Huntress (Female, Description: These feminine, leather guards are both trendy and useful. This is the ideal weight between the look of both power and nobility. Includes a loose hood.)

Swiftfox Leather Cuirass (Female, Description: There is no finer leather in the realm than that of the Swiftfox. This gear is for the lady with tricks up her sleeve, providing protection and mobility, while slimming to the waist.)

Elite Guard's Standard (Male, Description: The King's chosen wear this plated armor, shielding the bearer's face from harm, withholding any need for a "poker face". When times get tough, you will always appear steadfast.)

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