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  • RogueYT

    Useful Links

    April 18, 2017 by RogueYT


    Discord Invite URL OR

    Alpha FAQ

    Bug Reports

    Official Website

    Discourse Forum

    Wikia (Rules/Mechanics)

    Kickstarter (108% Funded and Ended)


    Store OR

    Greenlight (Old)

    Community (Official)



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  • RogueYT

    Alpha has started

    April 18, 2017 by RogueYT

    Alpha started a few days ago now, (No, not Alfa, but Alpha) and already, so many people are hyped for this game. Enjoy the game everyone :)

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  • JammySplodge

    Fade and XBlade say so, so it must be true

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  • Dylanh724

    Alright guys -- we have had some awesome contributors for our English and German Wikia's! We're looking for more top language translations. 

    Contributors will be rewarded by either PayPal and/or game keys! Let us know: development(at) ~

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