The Blue Dragon Faction

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Casual Blue Dragon Classes

The Blue Dragon is the protagonist faction and will appear in every single game. It contains the following classes:

1.The Butler

The Butler

2.The Court Wizard

The Court Wizard

3. The Drunk

The Drunk

4. The Hunter

The Hunter

5.The King (Random faction)

The Good King

6.The Knight

The Knight

7.The Noble

The Noble

8.The Observer

The Observer

9.The Paladin (Only when Cult is present)

The Paladin

10.The Physician

The Physician

11.The Priest

The Priest

12.The Prince

The Prince

13.The Princess

The Princess

14.The Psychic

The Psychic

15.The Sheriff* (Only when the Unseen is present)

The Sheriff

Every game starts with The Paladin/The Sheriff, The Prince and a King of a random faction.

Lore: Unknown

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