Casual Mode is the "classic" Throne Of Lies mode, each game of this mode will have between 8 and 16 players.


Throne of Lies has a storyline, ordered by date released:

  1. The Castle
  2. The Good King
  3. The Corrupt King
  4. Where is my color..? A Fool's Story
  5. The Conspiracy
  6. The Gathering


There are 41 classes in this game mode:

  1. The Alchemist (Neutral)
  2. The Alcoholic (Unseen)
  3. The Apostle (Cult)
  4. The Aristocrat (Unseen)
  5. The Assassin (Unseen)
  6. The Butler (Blue Dragon)
  7. The Court Wizard (Blue Dragon)
  8. The Cult Leader (Cult)
  9. The Drunk (Blue Dragon)
  10. The Duchess (Unseen)
  11. The Enforcer (Unseen)
  12. The Fool (Neutral)
  13. The Herbalist (Unseen)
  14. The Hunter (Blue Dragon)
  15. The Illusionist (Unseen)
  16. The Inquisitor (Neutral)
  17. The Invoker (Cult)
  18. The King (Random)
  19. The Knight (Blue Dragon)
  20. The Marshal (Unseen)
  21. The Mastermind (Unseen)
  22. The Mercenary (Neutral)
  23. The Nightwatch (Unseen)
  24. The Noble (Blue Dragon)
  25. The Observer (Blue Dragon)
  26. The Paladin (Blue Dragon)
  27. The Physician (Blue Dragon)
  28. The Poacher (Unseen)
  29. The Possessor (Neutral)
  30. The Prince (Blue Dragon)
  31. The Princess (Blue Dragon)
  32. The Psychic (Blue Dragon)
  33. The Reaper (Neutral)
  34. The Ritualist (Cult)
  35. The Sage (Unseen)
  36. The Scorned (Neutral)
  37. The Seeker (Cult)
  38. The Sellsword (Unseen)
  39. The Servant (Unseen)
  40. The Sheriff (Blue Dragon)
  41. The Sorcerer (Neutral)

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