This is where all Patch Notes archived on the Official Throne of Lies Forums will be stored on the wiki.



  • Dead players now have ghost textures. Spooky! (Still working on this. Partially works atm).


  • Can now only start with Blue Dragon targets.
  • Will commit suicide if all targets die, without winning.
  • Targets has been reduced to 2.



  • Removed day abilities from the Court Wizard, Nightwatch, Sage, and Observer.
  • Fixed the positions of players during the day.
  • The voting panel is now disabled during executions, and players that are possibly in the way are moved.
  • Added new BD Offensive class the Drunk and their converted class the Alcoholic. Portrait still being worked on.


  • Has Royal Blood passive.
  • Two night abilities:
  • Debauchery - Get in a player’s way, causing them to target you. Infinite uses.
  • Hangover - Make a player unable to talk or hear what others say the next day. 2 uses.


  • Defile reduced to 2 uses.


  • Has Royal Blood passive.
  • Two night abilities:
  • Debauchery - Get in a player’s way, causing them to target you. Infinite uses.
  • Happy Hour - Make a player unable to talk or hear what others say the next day. 2 uses.


  • Trollbox is now usable during trials.


  • Possessor has been revamped.
  • Possess is now a single target ability. You will now take over a person’s body, leaving your old one behind. The old body will keep the class and journal you had before.
  • Your first victim will appear as a Possessor to everyone. The next victim’s class will appear as the first victim’s class.
  • If you are investigated, you will appear as a Possessor.


  • Can now resurrect through all deaths at night except for Prince. Previously the Knight’s Sacrifice and a couple other abilities could prevent this.

Scored :

  • Now has to get only one of his targets formally executed while alive to win. A target dying at night does not count. Can no longer start with a Unseen/Cult member as a target.
  • Bait & Switch removed.
  • Added Trollbox. Has 2 uses.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Scout bug.
  • Some others.



  • Added a brush size slider to the deathnote.
  • Added a clear confirmation to the deathnote.


  • Removed Unearth.
  • Changed Drug. Trick a player into believing they were attacked and healed. Has 3 uses.
  • Added Defile - If targeted player dies tonight, they will appear as chosen class. Has 3 uses.


  • Exhume is now a private message the Physician receives.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Will-o-Wisp?
  • Fixed Bewilder.
  • Some others.



  • Increased chances of Physician spawning.
  • Other spawn balancing.
  • Some optimizations in the custom rooms.
  • New icons for the Noble & Aristocrat made by @Luxx .

Aristocrat & Noble

  • Maid Spy is now a day ability.
  • Removed Secret Message.
  • Added night ability Crier - Send for a crier to deliver a message to the court at the start of the next day.


  • Added night ability Silence - Select a target that voted guilty on the last trial - Negate their vote the next day


  • Wolf Companion now has 2 uses.


  • Bewilder now disables the King’s abilities.


  • Will no longer start bleeding if visiting a trapped Hunter.


  • No longer has the Noble Twins passive.
  • Added night ability Order - Select a target that voted guilty on an executed Blue Dragon - Negate their votes the next day


  • Added passive Will of Mithras - If you are sacrificed, the Cult Leader’s Eradicate ability will gain an extra charge.


  • Expose will now show who the Prince actually imprisons at night.


  • Posse Comitatus removed.
  • Added night ability Scout. You can have a scout watch a player, letting you know if they get converted. The scout will stay on the player until you command them to watch someone else.

Bug Fixes

  • Ritualist’s Strength of Corax did not have 2 uses like the Class Card said.
  • Healing bleeding should now be fixed.
  • Some others.



Login Screen got a huge revamp:

  • You can no longer register on the website, to prevent confusion and for the reason below
  • Removed the confusing “link account” button
  • Registration no longer requires a password
  • Registration no longer requires a username
  • Usernames are now auto generated from your Steam name. Random numbers are added, if taken.
  • You can now unlink your Steam account from the email validation popup if you need to re-register.
  • When registering, your email is now shown while waiting for verification email to ensure you didn’t typo it.
  • Tons of additional Login Screen polish + a few extra sounds

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed “invite code” bugs for multiple platforms and weird clipboard bugs.
  • Some misc. bugs, both in-game and out



  • Abilities that change a player’s targets will no longer work against occupy immune players.
  • Aftermath has been disabled for now.


  • Faint Whispers now allows the Cult to whisper to one another without anyone seeing notifications. Now has 2 uses
  • Added Mind Warp. Has 2 uses.

Butler & Servant

  • Concentrated Wine has been changed to now occupy all visiting players. Still 2 uses.

Court Wizard

  • Magical Barrier now prevents negative effects at night. Does not block kills or converts.
  • Ice Ward no longer occupies and will work on occupy immune targets. Now has 2 uses.


  • Strings of Mithras now has 2 uses.


  • Royal Finger no longer has a cooldown.


  • Can no longer execute on the first night.


  • Removed Retribution.
  • Bear Companion now has 4 uses.
  • Snare Traps has been changed to Snare Trap. It now occupies a single player for 2 nights if they leave their room.


  • Starts with a soul.


  • Identify now has 2 uses.



  • Acolyte has been removed. RIP
  • Two new classes. The Hunter and it’s converted Unseen class, the Poacher.
  • Luxx drew the night abilities for the two classes.
  • During elections for a new King, candidates will no longer be able to vote.
  • There are now more indicators to tell you who you are.

Cult Leader

  • Added the Acolyte’s Eradicate. Has 2 uses.
  • Blood of Mithras has been converted to a day ability. You now choose a cult member that will be sacrificed at the end of the night. You will gain 2 more uses of Eradicate. Uses will be transferred between Cult Leaders.


  • The Hunter is a unique Blue Dragon Killer class.
  • Bleeding players can be healed by either the Physician or Alchemist.
  • Passive 1 (Retribution):

If found guilty of treason, kill your accuser before your execution.

  • Passive 2 (Isolation):

Occupy immune.

  • Night Ability 1 (Wolf Companion): 1 use

Summon a wolf companion to attack a player. They will bleed and die in a day.

  • Night Ability 2 (Spike Traps): 2 uses

Set spiked traps in your home to hurt intruders. If trapped, the visitor will bleed and die in a day, if untreated. You will be night immune.


  • Removed Link Minds.
  • New ability Mind Warp. Cause a player to receive incorrect feedback from their abilities tonight.


  • Unseen Offensive Class. Converted from Hunter.
  • Passive 1 (Retribution):
    If found guilty of treason, kill your accuser before your execution.
  • Passive 2 (Isolation):
    Occupy immune.
  • Night Ability 1 (Bear Companion): 2 uses
    Summon a bear companion to stand outside a player’s room. No one will be able to visit the player, and they will be occupied.
  • Night Ability 2 (Snare Traps): 2 uses
    Place traps outside of a player’s room. Anyone trying to visit them will be occupied.



  • Link Minds & Mental Blur are now the Illusionist's night abilities.
  • Now had Psychic's Misdirect as a second day ability.
  • Changed type to Social.
  • Link Minds now has a two second delay at the start where the linked player will be unable to send messages.


  • Now has the new Follow. (See Observer)
  • Watch Carefully now reveals a player's class. Has 2 uses.

Butler & Servant

  • Removed Black Wine.
  • Added Concentrated Wine. The Butler/Servant throws a party at night. No one will be able to whisper the next day. Has 2 uses.


  • Follow and the old Window Peak have been combined into a new Follow ability.
  • Window Peak now discovers a player's faction. Has 2 uses.


  • Unleash Souls now shows players' classes.



  • Deathnote no longer has a 3D animation.
  • Deathnote now has a clear button.
  • Added Acolyte Cult Killer class that spawns with the Cult Leader and cannot be replace.

NEW CLASS: The Acolyte

  • Passive Kinship - Spawns with the Cult Leader. Cannot be replaced.
  • Passive Focus- Will not become the Cult Leader if there is another Cult member.
  • Day Ability Faux Nightshade - Trick a player into thinking they’ve been poisoned with nightshade. 1 use.
  • Night Ability Eradicate - Kill a player. 2 uses.
  • Night Ability Shroud of Corax - Make the Cult Leader night immune for the night. 2 uses.

Aristocrat & Noble

  • Maid Spy now has unlimited uses (up from 3).


Beta Is Here!


  • Added some SFX for executions and the UI in-game.
  • Currently all the UI buttons will pretty much be the same noise. More variety will come later.
  • The SFX for the executions will be expanded upon later.
  • The king voting system has been changed. More than 2 players can step up now. Royals still have the chance to step up first. Players will have 45 seconds to make their case while voting happens.
  • 2 new weapons. The Kickstarter sword and a morning star.
  • (After testing, Kickstarter sword+armor will be wiped permanently except for Dukes+)
  • Drastically improved load times with art + animation.
  • Cursor now hides during loading screen
  • New message to let people know chat exists when joining a room.


  • Added Foolish night ability that allows the Fool to frame themself. Will likely be given a better name at some point. Has 2 uses.


  • Dark wisp now affects the entire Unseen and is limited to 2 uses.
  • The Mastermind will appear as an Observer and the Assassin will appear as a Butler.


  • Removed Trance.
  • Added Telepathy.
  • Mental Blur now has 2 uses.


  • Flirt has been changed to show the same pairing of classes. One pairing is Killer and Offensive type, so if you flirt with a Killer class it will always show they are Killer or Offensive.

The pairings are:

  • Killer/Offensive
  • Special/Investigative
  • Support/Social
  • Wildcard classes will appear as Killer/Offensive.


  • Removed Visions.



  • Reduced Butler spawn rate.

Cult Leader

  • Blood of Mithras - Can no longer target Cult members that are jailed for sacrifice.


  • Flirt has been changed. It will now give you two types that the player could possibly be. One true and one false. If the person has been framed or is the Mastermind in the first 3 nights, you will get two false results. You can only flirt with someone once.


  • Bait & Switch - Mercenary's Stand Guard and the Sellsword's Stonewall now block the ability. Also can no longer swap a jailed player.


  • Added my character screen that shows what you have equipped.
  • Some SFX have been added for when you equip an item.



  • Armor and weapon customization has been added. Prices are lower for now to test. Your inventory will be wiped at some point during the beta.
  • Added an option in the settings to turn the camera rotation off.
  • New class added to Casual Mode called The Scorned.
  • Some optimizations for lower-end PC's.


  • If a player has Black Wine on them, there will be a character minimum of 3 for their messages.
  • Added a day ability called Nightshade Wine. After 3 days you can poison the King, causing him to die in two nights if not healed by a Physician.
  • You will take your own life if you kill a Blue Dragon King.


  • The King will no be able to be accused of treason until day 4.


  • No longer dies when their twin dies.
  • A Blue Dragon Noble can now win with the Unseen/Cult if their twin was converted.


  • The Scorned will be given three targets at the beginning of the game, they must live long enough to see their targets die by any means.
  • The Scorned is a unique class with night & occupy immune and has two night abilities.
  • Bait & Switch - 2 uses: Swap a player with one of your targets, causing anyone targeting that player to now target your target.
  • Frame - 2 uses: Make a target appear suspicious to investigative roles.
  • The Scorned will not start with the King or Prince as targets.



  • You can now only send 1 message every second. Vote messages are the same. Will add in better spam detection later.
  • Brightness of the red in the deathnote has been reduced.


  • After the King died, the Lords of the land awaited the return of the King's son, who had traveled to foreign lands on a diplomatic mission.
  • Little did the Lords know that one of them wished for the throne and is willing to kill for it.
  • There will be 4 classes in Aftermath to start. These classes will only be in the Aftermath game mode.
  • The Usurper. A unique role, whose objective is to kill all the Blue Dragon.
  • The Madman. A unique role, whose objective is to get their target executed, or to get themself executed.
  • The Inspector. A unique Blue Dragon role, who can discover who the Usurper is.
  • The Lord. A Blue Dragon role, which has no abilities.
  • Their portraits have not been created yet.
  • The game mode will support 5-8 players.
  • Player will be able to use voice chat in the game mode.
  • To change the push-to-talk button you must change it in the launcher. Unity won't allow me to change the shit in-game.
  • There will be no night phase, players choose what ability they want to use at night during the day.


  • Toxic Wine replaced with Black Wine.

Court Wizard

  • If you attempt to Ice Ward an occupy immune player, neither part of the ability will work.


  • Fireworks no longer appear when using Surprise Moji. RIP


  • Type changed to Investigative.
  • Removed Zeal.
  • Removed Blessing of Light.
  • Removed Cleanse
  • Smite has been changed. If the Cult Leader tries to convert your target, you will kill the Cult Leader (Bypasses night immunity). Now has 2 uses.
  • Added Test Faith. Determine if player is part of the Cult.


  • Will of Mithras removed.
  • Brotherhood now has 2 uses.



  • Lobby chat
  • Added the ability to reconnect and rejoin games if you disconnect or crash.
  • If your game crashes or you exit to the lobby there will be a prompt for if you want to rejoin the game.
  • If a player is disconnected during the night, they will have til the end of the next night.
  • If a player is disconnected during the second half of the day, they will have 2 nights to reconnect.
  • If a player is disconnected during the first half of the day, they will have until the end of the night to reconnect.
  • Times could change depending on feedback.
  • The game will pause for up to 10 seconds while a player reconnects.
  • Instead of being "timed out", you reconnect to the server in lobby
  • Friends status is now ninja-targeted.
  • Reserved name filters (no stealing staff names or calling yourself f*cker)


  • Emerald Potion no longer bypasses night immunity


  • Surprise Mojo no longer says they were occupied by the Fool, but the fireworks still happen.


  • For the King their class name in the voting panel will also be colored towards your faction. Only the King can see their faction.


New Lobby Features

  • Friends list can now add "Notes" (max 20 characters). Remember that person you added instead of calling them "!"
  • Friends list now sorts by IN-MATCH, followed by ONLINE! No need to infinite scroll through your many friends to scout who is online.
  • Friends list back-end got a revamp for stability and performance -- after all, we offer unlimited friend slots! Need to make sure they don't explode after 100000 friend added.
  • Minor back-end Discord integration added to prep for the future. More importantly, the stats of who is currently online within the lobby is added to the Discord button and moved above to the lobby stats area. This should better help people understand why Discord is required for Alpha/Beta.



  • Your number also appears by your name under the class picture.
  • Reduced the number of detailed notifications people receive. Ex. Instead of knowing the possible class that occupied you, it will now simply say you were occupied.
  • Female model revamped.
  • New armor and execution added.


  • No longer healable if committing suicide.


  • If the King pardons a player with Decide Fate, that player is no longer able to voted up for the rest of the day.
  • Now occupy immune.
  • Guards! and Assist combined.
  • Guards! now has 3 uses.


  • Flirt now identifies Killer class types


  • Reaper is now Unique.
  • If something makes the Reaper unhealable, they will no longer be able to revive with souls. Ex. Prince's Execute.
  • Reaped players now only appear alive for one day.
  • Reaped players can now speak to the Priest at night.


  • If something makes the Soulcatcher unhealable, they will no longer be able to revive with souls. Ex. Prince's Execute.



Voting to remove a host and give it to someone new originally only toggled between the first and 2nd players. This would mean two trolls or AFKers would forever hold a room "hostage". I realized I had more fixes than I thought, so wrote up a changelog:


  1. Host can now only be host of a room one time.
  2. If a host is voted off, the next host will be by seniority.
  3. Voting for a new host will now circulate across the entire room.
  4. To prevent breakage and weirdness, if for whatever reason every single person ends up being a host at least once, the list resets and the original host can once again become host 
  5. [Potentially] fixed the visual glitch that would always show 0/4 votes: It should now update properly. I hope. Ping me, if it does not.



  • Changed The Black Rose to The Unseen.
  • Deathnotes no longer appear if the killer did not draw in them.


  • Loud Whisper and Private Matter have been removed.


  • Threaten has been removed.


  • Unearth ability was changed into a night ability.
  • The player can now select a dead player at night to create a false report for.
  • The player chooses who they want to appear as the dead player's killer.
  • The dead player's fake killer is revealed the following morning.
  • The dead player's real killer will be revealed to the Herbalist.


  • Intimidate has been removed.


  • Exhume ability was changed into a night ability.
  • The player can now select a dead player at night to examine.
  • The dead player's killers are revealed the following morning.


  • Possessor no longer dies to the Knight's Protection ability.


  • Stealth Slap has been removed:


  • Loud Whisper and Private Matter have been removed.


The Noble

Noble Twins (Passive):

Immune to death at night. Meets with their Noble twin at night.

If one of the twins is converted the other is as well. If one of the twins is killed, the other will commit suicide the next night. If one becomes King, they maintain this passive, but lose the night immunity.

The passive is lost when they are converted.

Public Announcement has been renamed to Secret Message.

Maid Spy (Night):

Send a maid to spy one someone during the day.

You will be able to hear whispers to and from them.

Can only spawn with 10+ players and there will always be two of them if any.

Traitor Noble

Renamed to Aristocrat

Traitor Princess

Renamed to Duchess




- Will now also commit suicide if he poisons a neutral King.


- Can no longer start contracted to a Fool.

2 Neutral Killers can only spawn if there are more than 13 players.

Cult can now only spawn if there are more than 10 players.


- No longer immune to Cult conversion.


- Reduced spawn chances

Ability notification text is now orange.

Notification that you were attack are red.

Healing is green.

The game will now attempt to rejoin the game if you are disconnected.


Fixed bug where Reapers would not win together if one of them was dead.

Fixed host heartbeat detection at night.


Transitions between day and night will be much faster.

Game may take a little bit longer to load at the start of a match.


Lobby "Learn to Play" revamped:

1) View class cards

2) View guide

3) Launch Wikia site

Some lobby UI polish.

Stats moved to options since they don't update in a room.

Reworded Discord's "LFG" button.


End game events return (take 3).

Matchmaking waits for friends refresh 1st.

Fixed matchmaking button text poof.

Fixed quit button cancel UI poof at login.


Fixed 16th player's day position.

Fixed bug where Knight's night immunity was not taken into account when guarding someone.

Possibly fixed timer not updating bug.

Fixed Prince name appearing in chat.

Fixed bugs with Black Rose conversion.

Fixed Psychic night ability bug

Some optimizations.


+ Fixed the start early game button from poofing

+ Matchmaking options are more intuitive


Shows private or public match at top

Vote (4) change host btn @ lobby

Fixed "cannot connect to steam" @ login

invite accepts now show friend name (not ID)

MM options summary text

Create match checkbox (PREMADE ONLY, for now)

Private match checkbox (when creating)

Devs can ninja force claim host

Approved login text is a cheery green :P

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