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Class Summary

There are currently 35 classes, including converted classes.

Every player will be randomly assigned a unique class - and some classes can even be Converted by The Mastermind or The Cult Leader to become a "darker" version of that class, ultimately causing abilities to swap to more benefit the Black Rose faction or the Cult.

Certain Classes will be present in every game, these are The King, The Prince, The Mastermind(or The Cult Leader), The Assassin(or The Seeker) and The Sheriff(or The Paladin)

Certain Classes are considered Unique, meaning a maximum of one will appear in any given game, the Unique classes are The King*, The Priest, The Prince, The Sheriff, The Assassin*, The Mastermind, The Possessor and The Cult Leader*

Classes marked above with a * can be replaced, but only one can exist at a time


All Classes (Alphabetical)

  1. The Alchemist (Neutral)
  2. The Apostle (Social Type >> Converted Cult)
  3. The Assassin (Black Rose)
  4. The Butler (Blue Dragon)
  5. The Court Wizard (Blue Dragon)
  6. The Cult Leader (Cult)
  7. The Enforcer (Neutral >> Converted Black Rose)
  8. The Fool (Neutral)
  9. The Herbalist (Blue Dragon >> Converted Black Rose)
  10. The Illusionist (Blue Dragon >> Converted Black Rose)
  11. The Invoker (Offensive Type >> Converted Cult)
  12. The King (Random)
  13. The Knight (Blue Dragon)
  14. The Mastermind (Black Rose)
  15. The Mercenary (Neutral)
  16. The Nightwatch (Blue Dragon >> Converted Black Rose)
  17. The Noble (Blue Dragon)
  18. The Observer (Blue Dragon)
  19. The Paladin (Blue Dragon)
  20. The Physician (Blue Dragon)
  21. The Possessor (Neutral)
  22. The Priest (Blue Dragon)
  23. The Prince (Blue Dragon)
  24. The Princess (Blue Dragon)
  25. The Psychic (Blue Dragon)
  26. The Reaper (Neutral)
  27. The Ritualist (Support Type >> Converted Cult)
  28. The Sage (Blue Dragon >> Converted Black Rose)
  29. The Seeker (Investigator Type >> Converted Cult)
  30. The Sellsword (Neutral >> Converted Black Rose)
  31. The Servant (Blue Dragon >> Converted Black Rose)
  32. The Sheriff (Blue Dragon)
  33. The Soulcatcher (Blue Dragon >> Converted Black Rose)
  34. The Traitor Noble (Blue Dragon >> Converted Black Rose)
  35. The Traitor Princess (Blue Dragon >> Converted Black Rose)

Classes by Faction (Alphabetical)


Blue Dragon

  1. The Butler (Offensive)
  2. The Court Wizard (Support)
  3. The King (Random) (Special)
  4. The Knight (Killer)
  5. The Noble (Social)
  6. The Observer (Investigator)
  7. The Paladin (Killer)
  8. The Physician (Support)
  9. The Priest (Support)
  10. The Prince (Killer)
  11. The Princess (Investigator)
  12. The Psychic (Social)
  13. The Sheriff (Investigator)

Black Rose

  1. The Assassin (Killer)
  2. The Enforcer (Converted) (Offensive)
  3. The Herbalist (Converted) (Offensive)
  4. The Illusionist (Converted)
  5. The King* (Random) (Special)
  6. The Mastermind (Special)
  7. The Nightwatch (Converted) (Investigator)
  8. The Sage (Converted) (Offensive)
  9. The Sellsword (Converted) (Support)
  10. The Servant (Converted) (Offensive)
  11. The Soulcatcher (Converted) (Support)
  12. The Traitor Noble (Converted) (Social)
  13. The Traitor Princess (Converted) (Investigator)


  1. The Alchemist (Support)
  2. The Fool (Wildcard)
  3. The King (Random) (Special)
  4. The Mercenary (Support)
  5. The Possessor (Killer)
  6. The Reaper (Killer)


  1. The Apostle (Social)
  2. The Cult Leader (Special)
  3. The Invoker (Offensive)
  4. The King* (Random) (Special)
  5. The Ritualist (Support)
  6. The Seeker (Investigator)

Starting Classes

Some classes may only appear when converted. The following are the only classes that can start the game:

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