Conversion is the act of turning a class into a different class, there are currently 3 Classes that can convert other classes, and 18 Classes that a class can be converted into. There are two types of conversion - Voluntary and Involuntary. Not all conversions are performed by classes.

Involuntary Conversion


The Mastermind, one of the main classes in the game.

Involuntary conversion is conversion in which the player being converted does not choose to be converted, there are 3 Classes that can convert other Classes into 17 Classes.

The Mastermind

The Mastermind is a "Special" Class aligned with the Unseen, the Mastermind can convert a player into a version of their class dependent on their original class.

  1. The Butler -> The Servant
  2. The Court Wizard -> The Sage
  3. The Hunter -> The Poacher
  4. The Knight -> The Enforcer
  5. The Mercenary -> The Sellsword
  6. The Noble -> The Aristocrat
  7. The Observer -> The Nightwatch
  8. The Physician -> The Herbalist
  9. The Priest -> The Soulcatcher
  10. The Princess -> The Duchess
  11. The Psychic -> The Illusionist
  12. The Good King -> The Evil King1

1If The King was originally The Noble, and his twin is converted, he will be converted also.

The Cult Leader


Another one of the major classes in game, The Cult Leader

The Cult Leader is a "Special" Class aligned with the Cult, the Cult Leader can convert a player into a Cult class depending on their class type.

  1. Investigative Classes(The Observer/The Princess) -> The Seeker
  2. Offensive + Killer Classes(The Butler/The Knight/The Hunter) -> The Invoker
  3. Social Classes(The Noble/The Psychic) -> The Apostle
  4. Support Classes(The Court Wizard/The Mercenary/The Physician/The Priest) -> The Ritualist

Other Kinds of Involuntary Conversion

  1. Unseen members are converted into The Assassin if there is no living Assassin.
  2. Cult members are converted into The Cult Leader if there is no living Cult Leader.
  3. The Sheriff can convert a Non-Royal Non-Unique Blue Dragon player into The Knight.

Voluntary Conversion

The King

The King is currently the only class that other classes can choose to be converted into, any class can become the King as long as the correct circumstances are met.

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