Player Journal


Every player will have a journal to keep notes to not only help you remember important events, but to also deduct who is friend from foe.

When you die, your journal will be publicly displayed and others can access it at any time to review your notes and clues to further deduct who should be accused of treason.

For example, if The Sheriff discovered at night who a member of the Unseen faction, but if he is found dead in the morning without notes in their journal - no one will ever know! ...Until it's too late!

Write in your journal:

  1. Remind yourself of important events.
  2. Help others learn what you learned in case you don't make it through the night (you are killed).
  3. By keeping a good journal, you can sometimes prove you are who you say you are, if you are forced to reveal your Class.
  4. If people don't believe you at first, they will take you more seriously after you die with what's left in your journal.

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