Mode Types

Closed Alpha has released 1 mode:

  1. Casual

Closed Beta will consider releasing an additional ROTATING mode:

  1. More Info to Come

Full Release will consider releasing an additional mode:

  1. Pass the Wine

Casual Mode

  • Flagship mode - Permanent.
  • 8 to 16 players
  • Can Either Contain The Unseen or Cult (For Cult you need 11+ Players)
  • Considered the most balanced - Discuss balance on the Imperium42 Official Forum.


  • More info to come

Pass the Wine Mode

Crimson Potion
  • Non-standard - very different from the original game mechanics.
  • 5 to 15 players
  • Day phase and day abilities only - no night rooms/abilities.
  • All abilities will be replaced with social interruptions and drinking abilities.
  • One+ wine will be toxic and you must use deduction skills to avoid it and abilities to pass the wine to another.
  • More info to come

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