The Royals


"Royal Blood" Icon

Castle Adiart is ruled by The King and his list of Royal followers, those being either related or with a deep connection to The King. Anyone from this list can inherit the throne upon The King's death. These Royals include (alphabetically):

  1. The Noble (Blue Dragon)
    The Noble-Card
  2. The Prince (Blue Dragon)
  3. The Princess (Blue Dragon)
  4. The Aristocrat (Unseen)
  5. The Duchess (Unseen)

Special Abilities

All Royals have access to use the same ability:

  • Royal Blood - As a Royal, you can put your name forward for nominations to become the next King.

Inherit the Throne

Upon The King's death, players may inherit the Throne by nomination. Royals get priority.

  • Any class can become King.
  • When the King dies, the next morning will allow people to step forward.
  • The game first checks if there are any Royals up and allows them to step up first.
  • If two step up, then no one else can step up and it goes to a vote.
  • If only one Royal steps up, then they automatically become King.
  • If no Royals step up, then it checks if anyone wants to be King.
  • Royals can also wait and step up until this point, if they don't want to reveal that they are royal.

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