The Royals

Royal Blood

"Royal Blood" Icon

Castle Adiart is ruled by The King and his list of Royal followers, those being either related or with a deep connection to The King. Anyone from this list can inherit the throne upon The King's death. These Royals include (alphabetically):

  1. The Drunk (Blue Dragon)
    The Drunk
  2. The Noble (Blue Dragon)
    The Noble
  3. The Prince (Blue Dragon)
    The Prince
  4. The Princess (Blue Dragon)
    The Princess
  5. The Alcoholic (Unseen)
    The Alcoholic
  6. The Aristocrat (Unseen)
    The Aristocrat
  7. The Duchess (Unseen)
    The Duchess

Additionally, if The Princess, The Noble or The Drunk was converted into The Seeker, The Apostle or The Invoker respectively, they will keep their royal status.

Special Abilities

All Royals have access to use the same ability:

  • Royal Blood - As a Royal, you can put your name forward for nominations to become the next King.

Inherit the Throne

Upon The King's death, players may inherit the Throne by nomination. Royals get priority.

  • Any class can become King.
  • When the King dies, the next morning will allow people to step forward.
  • The game first checks if there are any Royals up and allows them to step up first.
  • If two step up, then no one else can step up and it goes to a vote.
  • If only one Royal steps up, then they automatically become King.
  • If no Royals step up, then it checks if anyone wants to be King.
  • Royals can also wait and step up until this point, if they don't want to reveal that they are royal.

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