Lore: Main Storyline


Castle Adiart - Exterior

Castle Adiart

"The exterior reaches of Castle Adiart, where the King of the Blue Dragon faction resides, is quite bleak. Those who are welcomed within the castle can masquerade within these golden halls of nobility, while those exiled experience a desolate wasteland of emptiness, watched only by the awkward gazes of distant crows. Shadowy creatures have been seen lurking about the outskirts of the royal graveyard, crying for simply being forgotten in both this realm and the next."

Portraitcard bluedragon goodking

The King (Good)

The Good King (Blue Dragon)

"The King struggles with power - learning his followers are not all who they claim to be, and his devoted ones seemingly lacking devotion. When the King falls, who shall rise? He worries not about himself, but the kingdom; if he were no longer to be the keeper of balance. This royal blood struggles if he should take action, or silently wait for the ideal moment to avenge his royal family."

Portraitcard unseen unseenking

The King (Corrupt)

The Unseen Path of Corruption

"The royal blood that flows through the man that challenges the throne is that of the Unseen faction. His heart is as black as the dungeon chambers that stretch far beneath the kingdom. His eyes glowing of deceit, as if already devouring the souls of the people he lays sight upon – for he is no king of men, but a harbinger of death and a slave-master to both loyal servants and enemies alike."

Portraitcard cult cultking

The Crown of the Cult

True to his subjects and loyal to a God. The King, as a Cultist, must shepard his wayward flock into the loving embrace of Mithras. He is not evil nor malicious but disappointed in the path his children and court have taken. With The Sage’s wisdom of his beloved Cult Leader subtly by his side, he sets about amending the ways of his skeptical subjects.

After all, a King must look out for his people - and the only fitting future for his kingdom is to join with Mithras, lest a fate far worse befall them all. The disappointment the King endures does not mean that he is without mercy, however. His subjects are given every opportunity to join his righteous path. Only in their refusal is their life forfeit and, only then, would they serve as either blood or as body.

Portraitcard neutral neutralking

The Burden of the Neutral King

"What did I do to deserve this?" The cry of the Neutral King. Never did he wish for the burden of the crown nor the sweet cries of his many children. Often do we lament the passing of his wife, the former Queen, to forces outside of his control. Never does he wish for more power, for he knows that his life grows ever-shorter. His son, The Prince, in his shame, shuns him and his daughter, The Princess, who weeps for her pathetic father, never giving thought to any but himself. However, he knows they are after him - he also knows that if he were to cross either side of the line, even slightly, he would earn the blade of those who took his dear wife. “Perhaps a Mercenary will offer a reprieve," he thinks, but does not truly believe.

No, the only way out is to consolidate his own court behind their shields; for he knows that the war between his children and their enemies will one day reach its end. One side will break and the other will rise -- and the other side is what will spread across the Kingdom. For even with a kingdom and all its riches, the Neutral King wishes only for peace, either for the kingdom or himself, and it does not matter which.

-- Loremaster Magnasword2
Portraitcard neutral fool

The Fool

Where is my Color? A Fool's Story

"The sweet aroma of nightfall has swept across the kingdom and the throne is found empty, echoing sounds of glory with each step in this warm throne; yet the floor is so cold. I often ponder the unquestioned - why is he my king? I didn't vote for him. What makes him royalty? His robe? Where is my color? I stare at the reflection on the polished royal tiles to see only one image: Nobility. Gahaha... now I see it. The missing puzzle piece, laying in my shadow, taunting me this entire time:

I have been king all along! This is no fools story... everyone shall see! EVERYONE!! Hehehehhh..."

The Gathering


Sometimes called the "Castle Lobby"

"Who shall be your king? All the royals gather before the throne to decide. The silver lining in the King’s heart is thin: All together, we could make up his mind. Do you desire your king to be kind, or for him to be evil?

Lies are those we heard, those we told. We were naive to those we believe."

The Conspiracy

Bad king interior final-windows

Conspiracy of the "Unseen" faction

"The corrupt King forges a meeting in the deepest reaches of the castle, calling upon his members of the Unseen. In this particular meeting, lives will be marked and soon forgotten. Strategies of betrayal are normal tactics within these grounds - it is commonly known here to shield your back, although, they say, it's better to keep your enemies closer..."

The Story of the Court Wizard & The Sage

Throne of Lies - Official Game Trailer02:25

Throne of Lies - Official Game Trailer

Pre-Alpha Narrative Trailer

The Court Wizard's Journal Reads:


Deep within the realm of Castle Adiart, renowned for the Blue Dragon faction, lay a confused king, his trusted nobles, and a few unsung heroes that may not be so trusting as factions become divided. Rumors of treason echo through these castle walls and now we're at war amongst ourselves! We must quickly separate friend from foe before nightfall.

I find solace in my warded room at night, but fear this may be my last.. I used the last of my magic to summon forth a runed spell of protection to guard me this night - I hope it will last.


At first light, I found myself still breathing! But I discovered those closest to me begin to fall without the faintest sound of fading life. I suspect our King is not who he says. Those that speak up are at risk to be executed for treason against the realm. I have already seen too many falsely slain by coercion and trickery. I felt that I still have friends, so I tightened my fists, felt the cool rush of fresh air in my lungs, and called out our King for being the TRAITOR that he is!

The tides turn as the accusation suddenly seemed to cause everyone surrounding me to fall into shadows -- as I stepped into the light of attention full of unkempt faces as eyes glared and fingers began to point at me. "I am The Court Wizard-- I SWEAR it," I said as my pulse started to race. No-- that is not what others say. Others say I am the Unseen, their sworn enemy, whom shall they believe?

Sun sets, and I swiftly my journal my final thoughts to leave behind for the others -- That the king is not of our faction -- but is a traitor! ...a member of the Unseen.. My brothers, I fear you may be next--

(The journal page is found to be unfinished, with only the letters "Masterm....." before the journal ended.


(The Sage speaking) "What appears my allies of the Blue Dragon, I need you to trust me-- that I am an ally of yours, and together we can find the traitor that did this! *Suspicious laughter through lips* *Maniacal Laughter*

if only they knew..."

Portraitcard bluedragon butler

Class Lore: An Interview with the Butler

It's very interesting living the life of a Butler in the King's court. The faithful Butler takes care of all the minor issues that the King is far above in his daily routine. Ever-faithful to his liege, the Butler's loyalty is a cornerstone of our great work ethic here in Adiart. Even one with low class blood can provide a direct service to his majesty and his children. We asked the King's current Butler what it means to work at the castle:

"It's a privilege of the highest caliber to serve my Liege in such a troubling time. It is my duty to ensure his attention be on the matters that truly besiege our fair kingdom. I entertain his guests and provide the attentiveness worthy of his majesty's grace. Of course, this includes keeping a steady supply of wine, ensuring meals are properly arranged, keeping sir and madams clothes immaculate at all times; also sending and receiving messages while ensuring, at all times, that the reputation of the kingdom is up-kept to his majesty's exemplary standards. Any Butler worth his salt will ensure that the good King's wishes are upheld, even at the expense of his own life. Of course, this doesn't mean my life is entirely devoted to his majesty's pleasure. I often find that resting improves my efficiency and, through his majesty's grace, I get half a day off every Sunday to partake in my own pleasures amongst the townsfolk. I do find beauty in the world outside the castle - even if there's not much to see beyond these gates. I am privileged to have such an understanding liege.”

-- Magnasword2, Loremaster

Portraitcard neutral reaper

Class Lore: The Reapers of Corax

Although actual Reapers have long been considered a myth, we have found evidence of their influence throughout Adiart's history. There have been three tales of debatable relevance.

Firstly: An urban legend passed around: a section of cultists supposedly dedicated themselves to what they call The Reaper's Penance where they would kidnap a serving maid or child and force them into crypts or mausoleums with little explanation. One child documented his experience and of a Paladin who came to his rescue, noting the presence of something that created a crushing sensation in his chest and the ravings of lunatics. Of course, the tales of children can never be completely believed and no paladin alive has attested to saving a child in need, at the time. The child in question, however, went on to become an Assassin of the Unseen faction. None can tell why his path led him to evil. The Reaper's Penance carries on, even to this day, every four years - but one can only wonder that, should the reapers be denied their sacrifice, whether they shall rise to take it. As a legend, we cannot take this as fact, but as it turns out, most legends are based on fact - so, perhaps, this has legitimate merit.

Secondly: A report from a Knight of the realm. A man condemned to die for his assassination of a Noble's son accused his jailer of being quite close to a description of these creatures... He begged his wife and son to remain safe while the town Sheriff took him away. He yelled out, pleading for the guards to skewer him there and then. Two days later, he was due to be executed. The executioner brought out his body on his shoulders. Onlookers attest to his inability to move or speak. His body and face were rigid, yet they hung him anyway. It was unclear what happened that day, but all law enforcers attest to good health at his time of death. The knight also attests that the man was perfectly fine and that the sheriff was not under the influence of dark magic. All we know for sure, the lone lasting evidence foul play was the mark of Corax that appeared on the hand of the accused as soon as he was hanged. What is strange is that, although the Cult appears to have some kind of pact with Mithras and Corax, they don't seem to actually be affiliated with reapers. In fact, there have been reports of reapers slaying Cult members. Then again, how can we know the mind of a deity of pure darkness?

Thirdly: This tale was taken from an Unseen member's diary. A bard sung jolly songs every night at a local tavern for seven years; always managing to entertain the patrons and making a well earned living at the time till one night he was accosted outside before his show. He entered the tavern and began to sing, but his words were warped to form a soliloquy of despair. The lyrics were "...and in the dark, those muggers see, their fateful eyes shall rest. For with my words, and my last breath, I'll put them to the test. With woeful sorrow, and fated faith, I shall bid you all farewell; as now I sing, Corax's song, and now I ring his bell". At that moment, the tavern was engulfed in the dark cloth of a reaper the size of the tavern and the building was erased from this world. The ground was scarred with the lyrics where the tavern once stood and 37 limp bodies lay there. Shivering in the corner lay a singular maiden, clawing at her arms and shivering from head to toe. An illegitimate Princess of the realm, as it were. Naturally, the Unseen claim this was reserved as knowledge only for Kings before a copy was stolen by the Unseen from the royal library. It would appear that even they fear the reaper. It appears that the reaper is an ally of no man - well, at least not an ally of humanity.

-- Reported by Magnasword2, Loremaster

Class Lore: The Assassin's Grievance

We have recently discovered a note that the Assassin has written on a corpse during a previous incursion:

Portraitcard unseen assassin

Maybe things wouldn't have come to this if people didn't get executed, drawn and quartered just for thinking the "wrong" way. --The Assassin

Castle investigators have yet to determine if this was actually the assassin or simply a message someone else is trying to get by.

--Note discovered by Loremaster B_Psycho2

Class Lore: Mental Transience Exemplified!

Portraitcard bluedragon psychic

However you look at the Blue Dragon, you can never deny the resourcefulness of their allies. With no help from the divine, they look to the gifts within the best of humanity. Case-in-point, the Psychic maintains the gift of mental manipulation. Trained from birth to control their gifts, their mental capacity allows them to bypass the spies and stealth of the Blue Dragon's enemies to create a beneficent and noteworthy communication network.

Of course, while detailed and extravagant scripts from their targets may be out of the question, they understand the very heart of their motivations and can manipulate them to a degree. While the true extent of their powers is more malevolent in nature, they are trained not to provoke the court, so as to be accepted; a mind-reader would be a terrible thing to fear.

--Reported by Magnasword2, Loremaster

Class Lore: The Sword of the Royal Family

Portraitcard bluedragon knight

Long have bards told tales of the noble Knight in this world and the next. It does not matter whether you be young or old, a knight is a symbol of everything the common man strives for. The Knights radiate an aura beyond that of a mortal man instilling fear in the evil and warmth in the hearts of the weak. Trained in both the arts of intimidation and compassion, The King's Knights ensure the peace in debates and freak acts of violence. Sword by their side and honour in their heart assures all that the knight will never let the kingdom down... Or so everyone thinks.

--Reported by Magnasword2, Loremaster

Lore: The Birds & The Believes

The faithful Observer is always in the hawk's nest. The Blue Dragon have long trained those who have the ability to see whether that be as a magician or a sightseer - even Psychics! The kingdom will often employ those in the habits of bird watching or, in the rare occasion, those who spy on their fellow townsfolk. The key to an Observer's craft is patience and an acute affinity with our avian feathered friends. An Observer, in the employ of The King, is required to have a sharp mind, analytical prowess and attention to detail.

Known as the eyes of the King, the Observer serves as a deterrent for all matters of injustice - either through their testimony or his journal. Although most deem the Observer as “untrustworthy”, mainly due to their penchant for looking in the rooms of the Prince or Princess for less-than-noble reasons. As such, proving his status to other members of the court has become a tiring, but necessary, part of his schedule -  one which a Converted Unseen Nightwatch often uses to their unique advantage.

-- Reported by Magnasword2, Loremaster

Class/Deity Lore: Whispers of the Gods


The Cult Leader, Mithras, and many bodies.

A man walked slowly down the end of the crimson corridor passing body after body out of Castle Demwir; incantations echoing through his head, "Who--what the hell is Corax? Certainly not another one of those voices, I hope... Mithras. This other voice: what are you? How do I even know your name?"

Bursts of red rushed gallantly to the top of the snow after each footstep. "I must stop wasting time, for I have important business to attend to." "NO! You're mad! Just get out already!" the man screeched while clenching his head, writhing in an internal struggle as he ground his teeth in agony. Recollecting his thoughts, he stepped further into the frosty midwinter's evening, discovering only the stinging down his face by the chilled air from clawing his head. He had made up his mind -- or had it been made for him? He was to leave this place and find proof! Proof that these "night whispers" of men--no, GODS-- existed outside his head. He knew they were real, but could only convince others with blood.

Portraitcard cult cultleader

Throughout the night, he walked, gazing out into the darkness. "Masters!", he cried into the night, "Prove to me that you are real and that I am not a fool for trusting you!" There was only the eerie sound of silence. "I see! Of course, I understand." The man cried into the inky blackness of the night, "I must prove my worth to you: An army; a sacrifice..." He looked back and saw nothing but the night and the gazes from whatever lurks nearby the edge of the gorge. He knew he could not turn back. There was nothing at Castle Demwir; not anymore. He had to keep moving forward. The mist spread aside to reveal a vast structure... Castle Adiart. He broke into a sprint as he ran towards the grand, sand-stoned castle, but swiftly collapsed from lack of energy, for he had not eaten in days. He collapsed by the gate as a Butler of Castle Adiart rushed him in and, seeing his robes, considered him to be of a noble status. Even the ice was too dense to even gather the tiniest water droplets. "How did this man even survive?" the Butler questioned in his head.

Portraitcard cult invoker

As this was after-hours, the Butler brought nourishment and wine for both himself and the waking man. He sat next to him and listened to the ramblings of a mad man about some unheard names: Mithras and Corax, and how he journeyed from Castle Demwir on his own accord. The Butler smiled as he drank his wine. He gazed at the scarred chalice he drank from that he never recalled seeing before. His white wine appeared red in the dark tavern - perhaps an illusion from the dancing flames of the fireplace. The man slowly leaned in towards the Butler, frozen with a smile, and whispered in an unfamiliar tone, "You... my flesh puppet -- you know what needs to be done." They both leaned back and merrily sipped their wine in silence as their crimson eyes continued dancing to the reflection of the fireplace.

--Reported by JammySplodge, Loremaster

  • Why won't the gods devoid of darkness and despair whisper back? Perhaps if the cry is loud enough, it will one day be heard...

Lore: The Immortal Torment

Portraitcard neutral scorned
The court of Adiart once had more nobles than today. Specifically, another man and a woman that childed the castle's first recorded instance of twins. It seemed as though death itself couldn’t even come between them. However, it did. Upon failing to kill the male noble, an Unseen Assassin fled the scene, leaving only a scratch from the edge of a dagger. However, the color that flowed from his wound was not crimson, but nightshade: he had been poisoned.

They feared not, because a local physician was rumored to be able to cure all ailments. The wife went to seek out this physician in his quarters and was offered an exchange. The noble wife was told to deliver a note to the King to prove his innocence regarding false rumors. In exchange, the nobleman would be healed. She agreed to meet that night after gathering the ingredients, as there was not much time.

Pacing their room that night, the noble lady witnessed her husband doubling over in pain, wondering if the promise will be kept. Meanwhile, the Physician was on the floor next to shattered glass -- with not blood, but wine. He was being occupied by the royal butler, accompanied by a pale hand on his shoulder, for the butler was now serving someone other than the King.

Although not a trusted word, the man whispered, “Alchemist--” and, as a last resort, the lady stormed out to find the Alchemist, who promised to return a favor for when called upon. The Alchemist was nowhere to be found, but her unmarked potions were.

When the lady returned to the poisoned husband, the physician still did not come. She also no longer needed a cure....

Completely destroyed, the wife sought out revenge on those who wronged them. She drank the obtained potion, which was an unusual color, for she had not known that she sampled an experimental potion for immortality. Perhaps she had, indeed, become immortal, but at the unknowing cost of leaving her soul behind. Her soul was not the only memory left behind, but also the twins. Later known as only a rumor to the court as being called the “Scorned,” no one actually knew what happened to the twins’ mother -- in fact, no one even considered the question of what kind of toll would happen for ingesting an Alchemist's makeshift potion, let alone the torment of betrayal and the early departed, had they known the truth.

The stories foretell that the Scorned feels the weight of guilt in the hearts of others -- only assuming the guilt is from the conspiracy of her husband’s untimely demise. It is said that victims of the Scorned are dealt with by any means -- as long as all means come to an end.

There have even been matching reports of a lucid whisper, echoing down the castle walls. The consistent reports were as follows:

“The names of those who scorned me are etched into my mind. I will not forget them. I will see them all destroyed before the court, or worse, if it takes the last of my breath. The Blue Dragon faction is no longer an ally of mine -- no one is. They don’t know what it’s like. I will see all who betrayed me lifelessly fall to my feet before I am likely taken with them."

--Documented by Loremaster RopeStringFace and Ashe

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