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Objective: Defeat the Blue Dragon and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.

Class Summary

Original Classes: The Noble/The Psychic

The Apostle is a "Social" class that belongs to the Cult faction with the objective to defeat the Blue Dragon and any neutrals that seek to do them harm. It used to be a Social class but was converted by The Cult Leader. If they were converted from The Noble, they will be a Royal.


Social Abilities






Cult Pressure Day


Force a player to vote for another and prevent further voting from them.
Cult Numbers Day 2 Your vote for execution or pardon will count for two votes.
Cult Spy Night 3 You will see all whispers to and from target player. Cannot target King.
Snoop Night 2 Read a player’s journal.


  • Cult Spy visits are hidden from others.
  • If you came from being a Psychic, it can be very difficult to maintain your previous role as you now have Noble abilities. Unless it is the last stretch of the game, and the numbers between BD and Cult are growing short, giving you and your cult members a chance to back one another claiming that they have been linked by you.
  • If you have a good idea who the Hunter is, force that someone you want dead to accuse the Hunter (Neutral Killer, Prince, Investigators) and get the rest to start piling up the votes. Hopefully if the King is evil and is aware of what your intentions are, he will force execute to satisfy the needs of the Cult.
  • You may consider stepping up to be King if the previous King dies, as it can be harder to convince people who you were if the situation is dire for you and your team members. Especially when you transition from Noble to Apostle to Cult Leader, or even worse Psychic to Apostle to Cult Leader. Step up to be King, take all the limitations away (link minds/force accuse) so that even in those situations, you already are the King and you don't have to prove anything to them... apart from loyalty.

Lore: Unknown

As Mithras and Corax spread their influence, the scouts are still seeking further details. All we know is that it's worse than we thought -- what we once knew about the Cult was completely wrong, after discovering these new "Cultists"..

 Night Room: [Shared] Cult Room

Cult Room


Feb, 2017