Portraitcard cult apostle

Objective: Defeat the Blue Dragon and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.

Class Summary

Original Class: The Noble/The Psychic

The Apostle is a "Social" class that belongs to the Cult faction with the objective to eliminate the Blue Dragon and any Neutral Killers. It used to be another Social Class but was converted by The Cult Leader.

The Apostle is one of the two classes that can communicate with dead players in the night, along with The Psychic. If you were converted from The Noble, you will retain your Royal Blood passive.


Social Abilities






Dark Words
Dark Words Passive

Allows the Cult to communicate with its dead members.
Eavesdrop Day 2 You will be able to hear the next 4 Whispers.
Faint Whispers
Faint Whispers Day 2 Allows Cult to whisper to one another without anyone seeing notifications.
Mind Warp
Mind Warp Night 2 Cause a player to receive incorrect feedback from their abilities tonight.


  • Your Dark Words ability can be a powerful weapon against the Blue Dragon faction. During the night you should try to gain information by the dead Cult Investigative classes. Also, talking with the dead members of the Cult could help you deduct who could be dangerous for your faction.
  • Your Faint Whispers ability is helpful to know what Cult Investigative classes had found the previous night, if you or them are now under suspicion and may be executed before the next night.
  • Your Mind Warp ability can be invaluable to the Cult if used on the correct target, but can just as easily be wasted on someone who isn't using an ability that night.
  • Your Eaves Drop is a important ability to use, whether it be another player talking to The King, or even a confirmed Blue Dragon.

Lore: Unknown

As Mithras and Corax spread their influence, the scouts are still seeking further details. All we know is that it's worse than we thought -- what we once knew about the Cult was completely wrong, after discovering these new "Cultists"..

 Night Room: [Shared] Cult Room

Cult Room


Feb, 2017

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