Objective: Defeat the Blue Dragon faction.

Converted Class Summary

 Original Class: The Noble

The Aristocrat is a "Social" class that belongs to the Unseen faction with the objective to defeat the Blue Dragon and any Neutral Killers. It used to be The Noble but was converted by The Mastermind.

The Aristocrats lose their Noble Twins ability when they are converted. If the get converted when the Unseen already has two members, the three members limit will be expanded to four. 

As a Royal, you can step forward to become the next King upon his death. 


Social Abilities





Royal Blood Day Special [Only useable after the death of a King] Can put your name forward for nominations to become the next King.
Maid Spy Night Send a maid to spy on someone during the day. You will be able to hear whispers to and from them the following day.
Secret Message Night Send for a servant to Privately deliver a message in the morning 


  • Just as if you were still a Noble, co-ordinate with the other Aristocrat about who should step up to be The King, if necessary. This way you won't reveal another Unseen in case you are executed or killed later.

Lore: Unknown

Lore Pending. Our scouts are searching for this information.

Night Room: [Shared] Nobles' room

Video Pending. Our scouts are searching for this information.


May, 2016

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