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Objective: Defeat the Black Rose faction.

Class Summary

 Converted Class: The Servant/The Invoker

The Butler class is an "Offensive" type for the Blue Dragon faction. This class excels at occupying, very useful for end-game; social engineering is another perk, but only useful if tricky with it. If you suspect The King to be corrupt, you can also Poison him, but be careful about this one, as you commit suicide if he was an ally, after all.

While playing The Butler, strategize how you can bring others to your side with your Loud Whisper and Private Matter abilities. You can Reveal yourself with a public Whisper if you are about to be accused of Treason, but by doing so, you lose your advantages.

Occupying can help win the end-game once you narrow down the enemy to a select few. If no murders occur that night, there's a good chance you occupied a "Killer" type.


Offensive Abilities





Dutiful Passive Immune to being occupied at night.
Loud Whisper Passive Can send Whispers without the public knowing it was you. Others will see “Someone whispered to __.”
Private Matter Day 2 The public will be completely unaware of your next Whisper.
Serve Wine Night 2 Occupy a player by getting them drunk.
Toxic Wine Night 1 Poison The King's wine. If The King was of the Blue Dragon faction, or was a Neutral King, you commit suicide out of guilt.


  • Your Toxic Wine ability is a very useful weapon to turn the table and catch The Black Rose (the antagonist) faction members off-guard. The problem, however, is that there is no hard rule on when to use it. Some may argue that the ideal time is during the early part of the game: If The King is a member of The Black Rose from the get-go, it will be a disaster for The Blue Dragon faction. Other players argue that the best time is during the end-game as a "last stand maneuver" to turn the table in a time of crisis.
  • Remember that your Serve Wine ability will put The Blue Dragon at a disadvantage if you hit the wrong person.
  • If you're about to be executed for Treason, use your Whispers to prove that you're The Butler. However, you still need to convince people that you're The Butler (Good), not The Servant (Bad).
  • Your Whisper abilities are a very powerful weapon for social engineering; it will take some time to practice.
  • During the end-game, where there is only one member of The Black Rose faction remaining, it would be a good strategy to use your Serve Wine ability on the person that you're most suspicious of; if no one dies, you may have just found The Assassin of The Black Rose. 
  • Note: the Butler can successfully poison the King even if the King has set up guards for the night. 

Lore: Unknown

"I like long walks on the beach and getting people drunk."

Night Room: Broom Closet

Image Pending

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