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Objective: Defeat the Black Rose faction.

Class Summary

 Converted Class: The Sage/The Ritualist

The Court Wizard class is a "Support" type for the Blue Dragon faction, useful for turning offensive day abilities against themselves, with the dream to have The Assassin Poison/kill himself with his own Day Ability, Nightshade.

While playing The Court Wizard, be sure to time your Pants on Fire Day Ability wisely, since you only have two. At the same time, you don't want to hold it for too long, or you may be killed before you can use them!

Both your Magical Barrier and Ice Ward abilities have their pro's and con's for different situation, so choose wisely!


Support Abilities





Pants on Fire Day 2 Spark an ember below a player, if they use a day ability, it backfires causing them to target themself.
Magical Barrier Night Summons a magical barrier around a player that prevents them from being the target of day abilities on the following day.
Ice Ward Night Freeze a player's room with them in it, occupying the player and preventing anyone from visiting them.


  • You should attempt to find The Assassin, a member of the Black Rose faction. The Assassin's Nightshade ability allows him to kill a player during the Day phase. If you attack The Assassin with your Pants on Fire ability and The Assassin uses Nightshade, The Assassin will self-kill himself. Magic!
  • You must remember that not all day abilities are bad. You will put the Blue Dragon at a disadvantage if you attack the wrong person!
  • You must recognize that although Ice Ward protects a player, it also prevents that player from using his Night ability due to the effects of Occupy. If you are not sure who will be the victim of an assassination during the Night phase, but sure of who is the culprit, do this: Instead of using your Ice Ward ability to protect the victim, you can use it to prevent the culprit from killing others.
  • Make sure to keep note of who is the target of your Ice Ward or Pants on Fire abilities by using your in-game journal. If you target your own people and your target claims "he is ____ class", your in-game journal will help you clear him (or realize he's lying).

Lore: Unknown

“Ancient knowledge of fire and ice shall ward off foes of any kinds, for I am the staff of the king.”

Night Room: Wizard's Room

Throne of Lies - Court Wizard Room (Night) - Immersive Screenshot Teaser00:21

Throne of Lies - Court Wizard Room (Night) - Immersive Screenshot Teaser

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