The Cult Faction


The Cult Faction Classes

The Cult is an antagonist faction, like the Unseen. They will never appear in the same game as the Unseen, however, will only spawn when there are 11 or more players in game. The Cult can Contain a maximum of 4 members. They contain the following classes:

1.The Cult Leader


2.The Apostle


3.The Invoker


4.The Ritualist


5.The Seeker


Every Cult game starts with a Cult Leader and a Seeker.

Special Appearance Classes

When the Cult appears, The Paladin class will always appear with them - hunting the Cult members:

The Paladin-Card

Lore: Unknown

The Cult members are followers of the Blood God, Mithras. There is also a connection to Corax, The God of Darkness.


Mithras, The Blood God, seen behind The Cult Leader

The Paladin is one of few that knows about them. Our scouts are seeking him out for briefing..


Corax, the God of Darkness, appearing before The Ritualist

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