Are you dead?

The Dead refers to any player which has been killed during the course of the game.

A player can end up being through any of these means:

  • They can be executed during the Trial phase if they are voted for Treason by the majority of players and then determined to be guilty.
  • They can be killed during the night by the following abilities:
    • The Alchemist's Emerald Potion (Neutral)
    • The Assassin's Assassinate or Nightshade (Unseen)
    • The Butler's Nightshade Wine (Blue Dragon) - Only if you are The King
    • The Cult Leader's Blood of Mithras (Cult) - Only if you are a Cult Member
    • The Cult Leader's Eradicate (Cult)
    • The Hunter's Retribution Passive (Blue Dragon) - Only if they are executed and you are the first accuser
    • The Hunter's Spike Trap (Blue Dragon)
    • The Hunter's Wolf Companion (Blue Dragon)
    • The Knight's Cold Steel (Blue Dragon)
    • The Knight's Sacrifice (Blue Dragon) - Only if you attacked their target
    • The Mercenary's Rebound (Neutral) - Only if you accused their target of Treason
    • The Paladin's Smite (Blue Dragon) - Only if you are The Cult Leader who tried to convert their target
    • The Possessor's Possess (Neutral)
    • The Possessor's Puppet Strings (Neutral)
    • The Prince's Execute (Blue Dragon)
    • The Reaper's Reap (Neutral)
    • The Sellsword's Revenge (Unseen) - Only if you accused an Unseen member of Treason
    • Suicide - Not technically a class, but some classes commit suicide if a certain condition is met, additionally, leaving the game will make you commit suicide, so don't do it.
    • The classes that commit suicide are the Knight (If they Cold Steel a Blue Dragon member), the Mercenary (If they fail to find a second target or if their second target dies) and the Butler (If they poison a Blue Dragon or Neutral King)

Death is not the end

If you're dead, that doesn't mean you can't make a difference:

  • The Priest can hear you at night, and can even bring you back to life if you're a Blue Dragon member.
  • If you're a Cult Member, The Apostle allows you to speak with the living Cult members while you're dead.
  • However, not all is good, The Reaper and The Soulcatcher may use your immortal soul for nefarious purposes.

The Graveyard

Throne of Lies - Graveyard (Night) - Immersive Screenshot Teaser00:31

Throne of Lies - Graveyard (Night) - Immersive Screenshot Teaser

While dead, players will appear in the graveyard at night and can somehow chat freely, this chat will appear in a ghostly texture. Some reports have included sightings of The Reaper, who is rumored to reside below a passage deep beneath one of the graveyard monoliths. No soul has ever returned from finding out for themselves -- at least, never returned with their soul intact.

After Death

Dead players can bet on the deaths of living players

  • During the day they can bet on who will die that night.
  • During the night they can bet on who will be executed the next day.
  • Players will bet a flat amount of 5 gold. The amount they win will be based on how many players are alive.
  • If a player dies from bleeding, poison, disconnection, sacrifice, or if a class besides the Knight commits suicide, you will not lose or win any gold.

Other Lore

Whispers can be heard, but none have been reported.


While dead, in the future you will have access to a mini-game, betting on the next player to die to earn GP.

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