Death and Dying

The Dead refers to any player which has been killed during the course of the game.

A player can end up being through any of these means:

  • Suicide - Some classes commit suicide (The Knight, The Mercenary and The Butler) if a certain condition is met. Additionally, leaving the game will make you commit suicide at the end of the next night.

The Graveyard

Throne of Lies - Graveyard (Night) - Immersive Screenshot Teaser

Throne of Lies - Graveyard (Night) - Immersive Screenshot Teaser

While dead, players will appear in the graveyard at night and can somehow chat freely, this chat will appear in a ghostly texture. Some reports have included sightings of The Reaper, who is rumored to reside below a passage deep beneath one of the graveyard monoliths. No soul has ever returned from finding out for themselves -- at least, never returned with their soul intact.

After Death

Dead players can bet on the deaths of living players.

  • During the day, they can bet on who will die that night.
  • During the night, they can bet on who will be executed the next day.
  • Players bet a flat amount of 5 gold. The amount they win will be based on how many players are alive at the time of their bet.
  • If a player dies from bleeding, poison, disconnection, sacrifice, or if a class besides the Knight commits suicide, you will not lose or win any gold.
  • They are also able to leave the game early, receiving 40% of the gold they would have earned if they watched the game to its completion. If they had already completed their goal, they receive the full amount of gold.