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The Enforcer-Card

Objective: Defeat the Blue Dragon faction.

Converted Class Summary

Original Class: The Knight

The Enforcer class used to be The Knight of the Blue Dragon faction, but converted to The Enforcer who supports the Black Rose (antagonist). Converted by The Mastermind.

The Enforcer is an "Offensive" type with the ability to protect the members of The Black Rose faction.

While playing The Knight, use your Threaten ability during the Day phase to disable a target's ability. Protect the Black Rose faction during the Night phase by giving up your life for theirs with your Protection ability.

Your Frenzy ability will break through Occupy, but with only 1 Use, so make sure it counts!


Offensive Abilities





Threaten Day Slam your fist on the table, instilling fear into your target, disabling their day ability for the rest of the day.
Protection Night 3 Protect the Black Rose faction at night, giving up your life to save theirs.
Frenzy Night 1 Guarantees The Assassin will kill the target. Bypasses night Immunity, Occupying, and healing.


  • Use your Threaten ability carefully, as it notifies players that The Knight has been converted to The Enforcer.
  • In a critical point of the game, you can combine your Frenzy ability with The Assassin's Assassinate ability to eliminate The King or other "Support" types.
  • Use Protection often. Making sure the Mastermind and Assassin survive early on is extremely helpful, and getting yourself eliminated allows the Black Rose to gain another member.

Lore: Unknown

“My sword is my honor, and I will die for my kingdom, but many shall die by my hand before this moment comes, for I am the King’s blade.”

Night Room: [Shared] Black Rose Room

Throne of Lies - Black Rose Room (Night) - Immersive Screenshot Teaser00:31

Throne of Lies - Black Rose Room (Night) - Immersive Screenshot Teaser

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