Objective: Convince others that YOU are guilty of treason; get yourself executed.

Class Summary

Converted Class: Immune to Convert

The Fool is a "Wildcard" class that belongs to a Neutral faction with the objective to get executed for Treason. The Fool is full of tricks and trolls, where the only one that matters to him is himself.

He is generally considered one of the hardest classes to play, as he requires a lot of effort to convince the entire court to execute you, or at least enough members for it to pass.

NoteOther Neutral players won't necessarily assist you, as their objectives are their own, additionally, you cannot start the game with a Mercenary contracted to protect you but they can, if their first contract dies, pick you as their new contract.


Wildcard Abilities

Poor Fellow
Poor Fellow
Players feel guilty if they execute the Fool. If you are executed, then there can be no executions the following two days.
Immune to Occupy.
Troll Box
Troll Box
Choose a target player and Whisper a short phrase into the troll box. It will appear as if that player said it.
Surprise Mojo
Surprise Mojo
Replace a player's abilities with fireworks, occupying them.
SoonTM Deceive
Make yourself appear as suspicious to Investigative results.


  • Remember that The King can cancel an execution, so do not exclaim your victory before you are dead.
  • Your Troll Box ability is a tough trick to master. A well-timed Troll Box ability played at the last second on a target will change the target's words to yours, causing both havoc and confusion that ultimately leads to your execution and victory.
  • The Cult and Unseen would benefit from getting you executed, as it would ensure them a few nights of not being able to be voted against.
  • Using Deceive at the right time can be difficult to predict without your intervention, so it can be wise to make yourself seem suspicious during the day to lure Investigative classes, but you may get the unwanted attention of the The Prince or The Knight instead.
  • If you make it near the end of the game and the Unseen are winning, you can use your Surprise Mojo ability to prevent The Assassin from killing you, forcing them to execute you for a mutual win. The same could be done in a Cult game with The Cult Leader.

Lore: Where is my Color? A Fool's Story

The Fool Old

"The sweet aroma of the night has swept across the kingdom and the throne is found empty, echoing sounds of glory with each step in this warm throne; yet the floor is so cold. I often ponder the unquestioned - why is HE, my king? I didn't vote for him. What makes him royalty - his robe? Where is my colour? I stare at the reflection on the polished royal tiles to see only one image: Royalty. Gahaha..... now I see it. The missing puzzle piece, laying in my shadow, taunting me this entire time. I have been king all along! The others.. they pretend I'm not. I must go. GO! This is no fools story - everyone shall see. EVERYONE!! Hehehehhh......."

Lore: Fool's Quotes

“Gahahahah… Why is everyone so serious? It’s boring, so may as well kill the k---err--who said that? What? I am the King’s.. c--oh. Ohh, wait, that’s gross! Kehehe.”

(The King's Crossbow)

 Night Room: Unknown

If I was a fool, where would I sleep at night...


May, 2016

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