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Objective: Defeat the Unseen or Cult, and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.

Class Summary

 Converted Class: The Poacher/The Invoker

The Hunter is a Unique "Killer" class that belongs to the Blue Dragon faction with the objective to defeat the Unseen or Cult, and any neutrals that seek to do them harm.

This class is a strong part of the Blue Dragon, being able to kill someone you know is evil, or kill any unwanted visitors trying to kill you. However, using your night abilities against the wrong people can deter your allies greatly.


Killer Abilities






Retribution Passive If found guilty of treason, you will kill your accuser before your execution.
Isolation Passive Immune to occupation at night and immune to target changing.
Wolf Companion
Wolf Companion Night 2 Summon a wolf to attack someone. They will bleed and die in one day unless healed.

Note: You don't technically visit the target and the ability can't be used until Night 3.

Bear Companion
Bear Companion Night 3 Summon a bear to protect you from all attacks at night. The attackers will be dead in the morning (Bypasses night immunity). You will be death and conversion immune.


  • You shouldn't use your Wolf Companion ability randomly because it's more than likely that you will kill an ally rather than an enemy.
  • While Retribution might look like a powerful ability, remember that it is not uncommon for Blue Dragon members to get confused or tricked and end up accusing each other; it is extremely important that you avoid being accused by a member of your own faction.
  • If Retribution kills the last member of the opposing faction, the game will end before the Hunter is executed.
  • If the Blue Dragon faction is outnumbered, you may be able to turn things around by tricking your enemies into executing you first; but hiding and using your Bear Companion when they try to deal with you at night may be more effective, since you'd actually survive that in addition to taking out an enemy.
  • If you are going to allow yourself to be executed, make absolutely certain your accuser is evil, since Retribution on a fellow Blue Dragon member can be catastrophic.
  • Most of the time, it's unwise to use Retribution deliberately unless the situation is extremely dire, since you can kill people with your Wolf Companion without sacrificing yourself, or could just accuse them yourself if you have decent evidence.
  • An Evil King may see the opportunity to kill two BD players in one strike by using Decide Fate if it is certain that the first accuser is a member of Blue Dragon.
  • Generally, the first couple of nights are when you are least likely to get attacked, so consider saving your bears until later.
  • You don't want your enemies to know how many bears you have left. To prevent this information from leaking, consider not recording your bear use in your logs in case you get snooped by an Aristocrat (or Noble who later gets converted), and write down the truth about what you did each night only in your private notes for when you get jailed by Prince.
  • The bleed from Wolf Companion can be healed by both a Physician and an Alchemist, allowing either to prove themselves the following night.
  • Bear Companion grants you both death and conversion immunity on the night it is used. It does NOT kill non-attacking visitors however, meaning someone attempting to convert you will fail but they will not be killed.
  • You can also tricking your enemies into attacking, for exemple by claiming to be The Prince or faking a whisper leak in which you claim to be The Sheriff. be sure to write in your death note that you baited and are in fact the Hunter. In addition if you get jailed after claiming the Prince day 1, you could try to convice the Prince into claiming to be the Hunter, which will make it more likely that Evils Faction will target you and fail to your bears. hoverer the Possessor can safely send a target to attack and the Reaper will consomme a soul allowing him to Survive.
  • You are an unique class, there can only be one hunter, if someone claim to be hunter, and you are certain that person is not ally, use your wolf compagnion to take them out.

Lore: Unknown

This class, once considered a myth is becoming more and more common. Though it's more common, we still are searching for this information...

 Night Room: Adiart Forest

This class is becoming increasingly more common. We shall still search for this information...