Portraitcard neutral Inquisitor

Objective: See the Sorcerer die.

Class Summary

** This class does not appear in Casual Mode.

 Converted Class: Immune to Convert

The Inquisitor is a Unique Investigative class that belongs to a Neutral faction with the objective to survive to see The Sorcerer die.

The Inquisitor will always and only spawn with the Sorcerer. It is your duty to see the Sorcerer die, so you can use your ability Find Magic to help track them down. However, there are other classes who also appear to be magic users, so finding one can mean a number of things. If you suspect that someone is the Sorcerer, you can use your ability Ruthless Efficiency to make an attempt on their life, killing them if they are a magic user.

Note: Other Neutral factions won't necessarily assist you, as their objectives are their own.


Investigative Abilities






Inquisitor - Holy Blessing
Holy Blessing Passive Immune to death at night once, this will be lost when you achieve your objective.
Inquisitor - Nobody Expects The Spanish Inqusition
Nobody Expects The Spanish Inqusition Passive Your visits will be hidden from others at night.
Inquisitor - Find Magic
Find Magic Night Check if a player is a magic user. The Court Wizard, Paladin, Mystic, Illusionist, Sage, Sorcerer, and the Cult are all magic users.
Inquisitor - Ruthless Efficiency
Ruthless Efficiency Night 3 Attack a player. Bypasses The Sorcerer's death immunity.


  • The Sorcerer's Magic Dust can make all players appear as a magic user for one night, so you can't always trust your Find Magic.
  • Your Ruthless Efficiency counts as an attack, the same as any other, so it is possible to be attacked by The Knight when using it on someone.
  • If you complete your objective, your abilities will be disabled.
  • If The Drunk, The Alcoholic or The Invoker redirects you to visit The King on a night you use Find Magic, you will receive the feedback "[1] is the King."
  • If the Sorcerer become King you will only receive you can still achieve your victory condition, but only when the Sorcerer turned King is dead.


  • A Sorcerer will often use Magic Dust on alternating nights (on the assumption that you'll find a magic user, then attack them, then go back to investigating when that fails.) Therefore, it can be useful to stagger your investigations unpredictably, investigating someone else instead of immediately using Ruthless Efficiency on the person who just came up as magic.
  • However, it is rarely worth your time to investigate the same person twice unless you're already on your last shot of Ruthless Efficiency. Just try and slay them instead, or investigate someone else before cycling back to kill them.
  • Singling out The Sorcerer is more difficult in a Cult game, since every Cult member is a magic user, while only a handful of the Unseen classes are. On the other hand, this makes you very effective at finding Cult members, and eliminating them will weaken The Sorcerer's position. You may want to adjust your strategy once you discover which faction you're up against.
  • Evil factions end up allying themselves with the Sorcerer very often, and will most likely try to dispose of you to make her life easier. If a King is too eager to put you on trial upon learning your class, be sure to let the Blue Dragon know.
  • A Butler can inform you of occupy immune targets once you reveal. If there is little time and the Blue Dragon are losing majority, using Ruthless Efficiency on their lead might be your best bet.
  • Remember that the Inquisitor isn't a Blue Dragon class. While unlikely, your Ruthless Efficiency can effectively grant the Unseen an advantage by killing off Blue Dragon players, and desperate Unseen members might try to sway you to help them after you win. Keep in mind, however, that few Unseen would help an Inquisitor instead of a Sorcerer.
  • Because you are not technically a Blue Dragon member, you can't stop the end of the game on your own - if all the Blue Dragon die, and The Sorcerer is still alive, the game will end and you will lose immediately. Therefore, as long as the Sorcerer is still alive, you should almost always side with the Blue Dragon, work to keep them alive, and avoid killing Blue Dragon members if at all possible. As long as at least one Blue Dragon member is alive, The Sorcerer can't win.
  • It is unwise to randomly attempt to kill someone within the first night.
  • In a last resort, if you are promoted into The King, you will become a neutral king that is able to win with everyone. To attempt this, you may want to lead a lynch on the King and then put your name forward. Even The Sorcerer will likely vote for you to get rid of her enemy.
  • It is a good idea to ask The Court Wizard to empower you as this makes you immune to The Sorcerer's Day Abilities and can greatly help you complete your objective.

Lore: Unknown

At this point in time, our scouts have found nothing on the Inquisitor.

Night Room: Unknown Room

Inquisitor's Room


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