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Objective: Either Defeat the opposing factions (Blue Dragon/Black Rose/Cult) or Survive (Neutral)

Class Summary

Converted Class: Immune to Convert

The King class is a "Special" type, considered a Unique class, randomly assigned to a faction and is considered a Royal of the throne. He cannot be investigated and will not appear to Black Rose or Cult members as a member of their faction, he may not be attacked by Blue Dragon killing classes, no matter his faction.

The initial King will be assigned to a random faction (any). If he is assigned as a member of the Black Rose, or Cult (the antagonist factions) or the Blue Dragon (the protagonist), the King must eliminate the opposing factions.

If the King is assigned to be Neutral, the King must only Survive the game. If the King is assigned to the Cult faction, he must eliminate the opposing factions.

If The King didn't survive the night, a self-nomination process is started to find the replacement. Royal classes will initially be able to step forward to replace The King. If only one Royal step forward, that Royal becomes the King. If two Royals steps forward, a ballot to choose the next King from the two candidates will be opened. If there is no Royal who steps forward, another self-nomination process will be opened tomorrow. If there is no candidate after two consecutive process of self-nomination, a vacuum of power occurs, where there will be no king for the rest of the game.


Special Abilities





Pass the Torch Passive If the King dies, a Royal can use his day ability to step forward. If not, a new king will be voted upon.
The Royal Finger Day Special The King's next vote for treason will count twice.

* 1-Day cooldown

Decide Fate Day 1 After the final vote, the King can veto the votes and decide who will live and die.
Guard! Night 2 The King can summon a guard to his aid. The guard will sacrifice himself for The King if an attempt is made on his life. Whether the guard actually saves The King or not, the guard is spent.
Assist Night Send a guard to defend a player, but you lose the guard.


  • If you are The King, you must spend your Guard! ability wisely. If you are the initial King, you must decide if the opposing factions are aggressive or not. If the opposing factions are aggressive, using your Guard! ability early would prove to be a worthy gamble.
  • Your Decide Fate ability should be used at either the middle or end-game. As the game is closing in, it is crucial to have the veto power at your disposal. It is important for you to realize that you won't be able to save everyone.

Lore: The Good King

The Good King struggles with power - learning his followers are not all who they claim to be, and his devoted ones seemingly lacking devotion. When the king falls, who shall rise? He worries not about himself, but the kingdom: if he were no longer to be the keeper of balance. This chosen one struggles if he should take action, or silently wait for the ideal moment to avenge his royal family.

Lore: The Corrupt King

The Evil King

The Corrupt King

The Royal blood flows through this man that challenges the throne is that of the Black Rose faction, his heart as black as the the dungeon chambers far beneath the kingdom, eyes glowing of deceit, as if already devouring the poor souls of the ones he lays sight upon -- for he is no king of men, but a harbinger of death and slave-master to both loyal servants and enemies alike.

Night Room: The Royal Quarters

Throne of Lies - King's Room (Night) - Immersive Screenshot Teaser00:31

Throne of Lies - King's Room (Night) - Immersive Screenshot Teaser

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