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Objective: Defeat the Black Rose faction

Class Summary

Converted Class: The Enforcer/The Invoker

The Knight class is a "Killer" type for the Blue Dragon faction. This class is both offensive and defensive, with abilities to either defend (by taking your own life for theirs) or to kill another in cold blood.

While playing The Knight, be absolutely sure who your target is before using your Cold Steel ability, or you'll end up dying the next day out of guilt, with the target surviving.

Use your cold steel ability when you are certain that your target is a member of an opposing faction! If you are wrong, you will meet your own demise by killing yourself out of shame.


Killer Abilities





Intimidate Day Slam your fist on the table, possibly scaring your target into using a day ability on you.
Sacrifice Night Protect a player, giving your life to kill their attackers.
Cold Steel Night Kill a player. If they were an ally, you will instead take your own life.


  • It is useful to keep track of how many members of the Blue Dragon and the Black Rose (the antagonist) factions are alive. If the Black Rose is about to outnumber the Blue Dragon, you may want to use your Cold Steel ability as a last stand. 
  • Keep a list within your journal of both who you killed and protected. When you are dead due to incorrect use of your Cold Steel ability (oops), you will be able to clear the member of Blue Dragon that you attacked.
  • Intimidate is a risky, but powerful move. You could get the Assassin to use Nightshade on you, where you could use Cold Steel or Sacrifice since you would die anyways, or get the Sage to use Dark Rune on you, making them waste a use. Of course, you could accidently make one of the Blue Dragon use one of their abilities on you.

Lore: Unknown

“My sword is my honor, and I will die for my kingdom, but many shall die by my hand before this moment comes, for I am the King’s blade.”

Night Room: Knight's Room

The scouts are still seeking this information and will return shortly..

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