Portraitcard bluedragon knight

Objective: Defeat the Unseen or Cult, and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.

Class Summary

 Converted Class: The Enforcer/The Invoker

The Knight is a "Killer" class that belongs to the Blue Dragon faction with the objective to eliminate the Cult, Unseen and any Neutral Killers.

This class is vital for the Blue Dragon, as he can protect confirmed Blue Dragon members.


Killer Abilities






Sacrifice Night Protect a player, giving your life to kill their attackers.
Cold Steel
Cold Steel Night Kill a player. If they were an ally, you will instead take your own life.

Note: You can't be healed if you commit suicide. Also, can't be used until Night 3.


  • It is useful to keep track of how many members of the Blue Dragon and the Unseen/Cult (the antagonist) factions are alive. If the Unseen is about to outnumber the Blue Dragon, you may want to use your Cold Steel ability as a last stand. 
  • Keep a list within your logbook of both who you killed and protected. If you are dead due to incorrect use of your Cold Steel ability, you will be able to clear the member of Blue Dragon that you attacked.
  • While playing the Knight, be sure that your target is not a Blue Dragon class before using your Cold Steel ability, or you'll end up taking your own life instead the night of the attack (NOTE: your target will remain alive).
  • You should be using your Sacrifice ability almost every night to make sure your allies stay alive and your enemies will soon fall.

Lore: The Sword of the Royal Family

Long have bards told tales of the noble Knight in this world and the next. It does not matter whether you be young or old, a knight is a symbol of everything the common man strives for. The Knights radiate an aura beyond that of a mortal man instilling fear in the evil and warmth in the hearts of the weak. Trained in both the arts of intimidation and compassion, The King's Knights ensure the peace in debates and freak acts of violence. Sword by their side and honor in their heart assures all that the knight will never let the kingdom down... Or so everyone thinks.

--Reported by Magnasword2, Loremaster

Night Room: Knight's Room

The scouts are still seeking this information and will return shortly.


May, 2016

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