Portraitcard unseen mastermind

Objective: Defeat the Blue Dragon and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.

Class Summary

Converted Class: Immune to Convert

The Mastermind is a Unique "Special" class that belongs to the Unseen faction with the objective to eliminate the Blue Dragon and any Neutral Killers(Except The Sorcerer).

This class will appear in every game that the Unseen is present, as it is the nominal leader of the Unseen. The Mastermind can convert others to join the Unseen faction which changes their class to a "darker" version that may have different abilities directed towards the benefit of the Unseen faction, instead of the Blue Dragon.

If the Mastermind is killed before Day 4, the oldest Unseen member will replace them if there is another member still alive.

Note: Some classes may have an immunity to conversion, such as The Prince, The Alchemist and several others, ultimately wasting a night for you.


Special Abilities






Can't Touch This
Can't Touch This Passive Immune to occupation, target changing and death at night.
In The Shadows
In The Shadows Passive Does not appear as Unseen to all Investigative abilities for the first 3 nights.
Dirty Work
Dirty Work Day 1 If there are no more Unseen members left and there are less than 7 players alive, you can become The Assassin at the beginning of the night. This can be canceled before the day is over if you change your mind.
Convert Night Special Attempt to convert a player to the Unseen faction. There can only be three members of the Unseen alive at a time, including yourself.

* Unlimited Uses, but has a 1-day cooldown.

Foresight Night 4 Determine a player’s converted class type or if they cannot be converted.


  • Some classes are more powerful than others. At some times, it may be worth the time to discover more powerful classes and Convert them, after discovering the best. However, at other times, it may be a wiser use of your time to just convert the first class that you know that won't be Immune to your ability.
  • If you can, convince an Investigator to check you to "confirm" your "innocence" within the first three nights. This will help build the Unseen's alibi.
  • Be careful who you convert, as some may be more useful than others. It's up to you if you'd prefer to wait for the best classes to convert or to just get the most you can before someone calls you out for Treason. Sometimes converting a less useful class is better than waiting to discover a more powerful one through Foresight.

Lore: Unknown

There is not much known about The Mastermind. No one has actually seen The Mastermind's face. Our scouts are working on this information.

Night Room: [Shared] Unseen Room

Throne of Lies - Black Rose Room (Night) - Immersive Screenshot Teaser

Throne of Lies - Black Rose Room (Night) - Immersive Screenshot Teaser


May, 2016

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