Portraitcard neutral mercenary

Objective: Contracted player survives.

Class Summary

 Converted Class: Immune to Convert

The Mercenary is a Support class that belongs to a Neutral faction with the objective to make sure its target survives until the end of the game.

She takes contract-work very seriously. The Mercenary will protect her target at-all-costs and prevent others from visiting.

The Mercenary can have any class as a contract, however her starting contract cannot be The Prince, The Knight, The Fool, The Scorned, The Inquisitor, The Possessor, The King, or another Mercenary.

The Mercenary can't be converted, like other Neutral classes.

Note: Other Neutral factions won't necessarily assist you, as their objectives are their own.


Support Abilities






Looking For Work
Contracted Passive Special Occupy and redirection immune.
Offer Contract
Connections Day 1 Force the court to pardon your contract.
Stand Guard
Stand Guard Night 4 Protect your target from death and prevent others from visiting them. You also make yourself immune to death for the night. Your target will not be notified you are protecting them.
Rebound Night 1 Prevent and kill everyone visiting your contract.


  • You can not accuse your target of treason, and when they are on trial you will be forced to pardon them.
  • Stand Guard prevents your contract from dying. This means that they won't die to The Hunter's Bear Companion or The Paladin's Smite, and The Mercenary will die in the contract's place if they attack someone being guarded by The Knight. However, an Assassin who The Enforcer used Frenzy on can still kill your contract.


  • During Night One, it's usually a good idea to Stand Guard. This no longer will reveal you to your target, however, it will prevent conversion of your contract that night which is beneficial to their survival if town.
  • You need to split your Stand Guard and Rebound abilities between your original target throughout the game, so don't waste them right away
  • Communication with your target is important, to make sure that both of you survive to the end of the game. Try to assist their faction in any way you can, even if it changes part way due to conversion
  • Be careful if and when you whisper your contract. If you make it too obvious, then the scum may pick up on it and eliminate you or convert your contract to their side. However, make sure not to leave it too late where it's not believable. It's all about finding the balance.
  • You don't need to know your contract's teammates if they're Unseen or Cult, but having that knowledge is extremely useful if they give it to you. Not only can you protect your contract's teammates (which will also keep you and their ally alive), but, you cannot be converted and you're all in on your first contract anyway which proves to them that you're honestly on their side.
  • If you are in a game where Blue Dragon wants all Neutral to die or The Prince who will execute Neutrals, you'd best claim as The Knight who would randomly guard that one target and "guard The King" should he choose to reserve his Stand Guard ability.
  • If your target is an important class, like The Sheriff/The Paladin or The Prince, use your Stand Guard aggressively, especially if they're outed.
  • It is important to use your Stand Guard Ability when you fear your target has gained too much attention or been outed.
  • It's also important to keep yourself alive, so you can use Stand Guard for the attack immunity if someone is threatening to attack you.
  • As long as your contract survives to see the ending screen, regardless of the circumstances, you will win. Even if you die or if your contracted player loses (such as the game auto-ending), as long as they are alive when the game ends, you will still win because your win condition is just to keep them alive.
  • You can Rebound once per game and this will kill all visitors. This can be very bad for BD at the start as they start with larger numbers, so are more likely to visit due to their sheer numbers, in comparison to scum. However, late game you don't want to risk even killing 1 BD and making your contract (If BD) lose as a result. Your contract doesn't need to win, but needs to stay alive. It's normally best to help their faction above all else.

Lore: Unknown

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Night Room: Unknown

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