Portraitcard neutral mercenary

Objective: Contracted player survives.

Class Summary

Converted Class: The Sellsword/The Ritualist

The Mercenary is a "Support" class that belongs to a Neutral faction with the objective to make sure its target survives until the end of the game.

She takes contract-work very seriously. You must always have a contract by using your Looking for Work ability or you will commit suicide within 3 days. The Mercenary will protect her target at-all-costs and prevent others from visiting. She can also get revenge when a player accuses her target of Treason with her Rebound ability, executing them at night.

The Mercenary can have any class as a contract, however her starting contract cannot be The Fool, The Scorned, The King, or another Mercenary.

The Mercenary is the only Neutral class that can be converted.

Note: Other Neutral factions won't necessarily assist you, as their objectives are their own.


Support Abilities






Looking For Work
Looking for Work Passive Special If your original target dies, you have 3 days to find a new target, otherwise you will commit suicide.
Failure Passive Special If both your original target and new target die, you will commit suicide since you can no longer find work.
Offer Contract
Offer Contract Day If your original target dies, you can form a new contract.
Stand Guard
Stand Guard Night 4 Protect your target and prevent others from visiting, you also make yourself immune to death for the night.
Rebound Night 1 Kill a player that accused your target of treason during the day.


  • If you lose your original target, it may be a good plan to wait until the final day of the three days time limit to find the target, since you now only have to protect him for a shorter duration of time.
  • You need to split your Stand Guard and Rebound abilities between your original target and the potential future target.
  • Communication with your target is important, to make sure that both of you survive to the end of the game. Try to assist their faction in any way you can.
  • It is important to use your Stand Guard Ability when you fear your target has gained to much attention.
  • When you fear that you have gained too much attention yourself, you should use your Stand Guard ability in order to stay alive and help your target.

Lore: Unknown

Awaiting scouts to return with further information..

Night Room: Unknown

Awaiting scouts to return with further information..


May, 2016

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