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The Paladin-Card

Objective: Defeat the Black Rose faction.

Class Summary

** The Paladin only appears when there are Cult faction members

Converted Class: Immune to Convert

The Paladin class is a "Killer" type for the Blue Dragon faction (the protagonist).  

This class will always spawn when the Cult faction spawns.  

The Cult faction will appear when the Black Rose faction does not. The Cult is capable of Converting members without limitations and attempts to convert everyone while eliminating all who oppose. The Paladin specialises in hunting down members of the Cult faction.


Killer Abilities

Ability Type Uses Description
Zeal Passive Immune to being occupied at night.
Blessing of light Day 2 Make a player Immune to Cult Conversion tonight.
Smite Night 1 If anyone attempts to attack you tonight, you will smite them with the power of the gods, killing them (Bypasses night Immunity).
Cleanse Night Determine if player is part of the Cult. If they are, you will kill them.


  • You should not Reveal yourself if not absolutely necessary. If you are revealed, the Cult faction members have the power to kill you easily and even bypass your Smite ability.

Lore: Unknown

“Justice shall smite those who do harm to our kingdom - it is the light of the Gods that protect my people, for I am the King’s light.”

Night Room: Paladin's Room

The scouts are still seeking out more information..

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