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Objective: Kill everyone that does not need to survive as an objective.

Class Summary

Converted Class: Immune to Convert

The Possessor is a "Killer" class that belongs to a Neutral faction with the objective to eliminate the Blue Dragon, Cult, Unseen and any Neutral Killers.

The Possessor is Immune to being Occupied at night, so it's quite easy to go on a killing rampage without being stopped. The only real weakness is being called out for Treason.

Note: Other Neutral factions won't necessarily assist you, as their objectives are their own.


Killer Abilities





Driven Passive Immune to being occupied at night.
Blackened Shield Passive Immune to death at night.
Possess Night Possess a player and make them kill for you. The Possessor occupies the controlled player.

(The Observer can only see you visiting the possessed player)


  • As the Possessor should kill players that you think won't be executed for Treason. Let other players execute the "bad people".
  • During the end-game, it may be a good gamble for the Possessor to offer an alliance to other Neutral factions. Do remember that they don't necessarily have to help the Possessor and if they decided to backstab you, you will lose the game.
  • To make the game easier, it may be a better idea to kill the Blue Dragon faction first, letting the Unseen/Cult kill other players to decrease the player pool quicker.

Lore: Unknown

There is not much known about the possessor. Some say he's only a myth. But just in case, we sent out scouts to research this..

Night Room: Occult Room

The scouts have not discovered this room yet.


May, 2016

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