Objective: Defeat the Unseen/Cult faction.

Class Summary

 Converted Class: Immune to Convert

The Prince is a "Killer" class that belongs to the Blue Dragon faction with the objective to eliminate the Cult, Unseen and any Neutral Killers.

This class is essentially the Jailer, and an essential class for the Blue Dragon. The Prince does as he pleases, locking up (Occupying) other players at night, with the ability to Privately (and awkwardly) have a chat with the prisoner, optionally able to use his Execute ability if he believes them to be lying to him.

As a Royal, you can step forward to become the next King upon his death.


Killing Abilities





Unstoppable Passive Immune to being occupied at night.
Imprison Day Choose a player to jail at night, Occupying the target (Bypass occupy Immunity).
Royal Blood Day Special [Only usable upon the death of a King] Can put your name forward for nominations to become the next King.
Execute Night 3 Kill the jailed player (Bypass Night Immunity). If you execute a member of the Blue Dragon, you lose all your remaining executions.


  • Pay attention to what happens during the night. If you use your Imprison ability, but decide not to use your Execute ability (and no one was killed in the morning), chances are that the person you set free was an enemy. Fortunately, you're able to use your Imprison ability back-to-back to the same target.
  • Your Imprison ability is a good weapon to make players claim their class. Keep an in-game journal to take notes of who is who. You still win if you are dead, so your journal will be your best weapon later if no one believes you, at first.
  • Although you are a Royal and may put your name forward to become The King, you are arguably the Blue Dragon's most powerful asset, so always deeply consider before putting your name forward.

Lore: Unknown

The Prince

The original Prince concept, redone to fit style consistency with the other portraits

“Ha, no one can touch me. I am the King’s next of kin - I am royalty, for I am the King’s chalice.”

Night Room: Dungeon

Throne of Lies - Prison Cell (Night) - Immersive Screenshot Teaser00:30

Throne of Lies - Prison Cell (Night) - Immersive Screenshot Teaser


May, 2016

Night Room: Dungeon

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