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Objective: Defeat the Black Rose faction.

Class Summary

 Converted Class: The Traitor Princess/The Seeker

The Princess class is an "Investigator" type for the Blue Dragon faction.

This class can find answers very fast to determine friend from foe. You can also light up your room at night with your Will-o-Wisp ability so you and neighbours both see who visited you that night.

While playing The Princess, be sure to be wary of things not being as they seem: For example, someone could have visited you at night, but it could be an ally there to protect you - potentially .

As a Royal, you can step forward to become the next King upon his death.


Investigative Abilities





Royal Blood Day Special [Only usable upon the death of a king] As a Royal, you can put your name forward for nominations to become the next King.
Stealth Slap Day 3 Slap someone, preventing them from accusing anyone of Treason.
Flirt Night Determine if a player is part of the Blue Dragon faction.
Will-o-Wisp Night Uncage a Will-o-Wisp, lighting your room. If someone visits you at night, they will be revealed to you and 2 random neighbors. (“X visited the princess”)


  • The Will-o-Wisp ability is a very powerful weapon that can backfire in a spectacular way. The best time to use your Will-o-Wisp will be the time when you believe that you'll be assassinated during the night as this will Reveal the killer to other players. However, if you're not killed and you're actually visited by an ally who visits you for good purpose (ie. to protect), you may just Reveal the name to the enemy.
  • Keep in mind that someone that you use your Flirt ability against is not automatically a good person. It is possible that you Flirt a player, your Flirt reveals that the player is an ally, and converted as the member of the Black Rose faction on the next, or even the same, night phase.

Lore: Unknown

“I shall bend minds against their will if The Black Rose crosses my father! You will be your own demise, for I am the king’s intuition”

Night Room: Princess' Room

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