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Objective: Defeat the Black Rose faction.

Class Summary

 Converted Class: The Illusionist/The Apostle

The Psychic class is a "Social" type for the Blue Dragon faction.

This role excels at communication, allowing you to use Telepathy to reveal information during the day without revealing yourself, and to use Link Minds to communicate with known Blue Dragon members, for discussing tactics and for information you can reveal.

As you can reveal factions at night with your Visions ability, your Misdirect ability is very useful when you know, for sure, that your target is guilty of treason.

Alternately, you can use this to point a finger from a guilty to a known innocent, making them look obviously guilty for accusing an innocent of Treason.


Social Abilities





Telepathy Day Telepathically send a message to everyone; they will not know who sent it.
Misdirect Day 2 Force a player to accuse another player of Treason.
Link Minds Night Link your mind with another's, allowing you to anonymously talk to them for the rest of the night.
Visions Night 2 Reveals a player’s faction.


  • Your Misdirect ability is a very good weapon for a quick test. By judging the quality of the second vote, you can decide if your target is an ally or not.
  • Using Link Minds with a known Blue Dragon member can help the two of you know who to trust, and you can trade information, which can be revealed safely during the day with Telepathy.
  • Visions is a powerful ability, but has very limited uses. Try to use it later in the game, when there's less people, or on people who are acting suspicious.

Lore: Unknown


Night Room: Castle Exterior - Astral Projection

Image Pending

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