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Objective: Kill everyone that does not need to survive as an objective (can win with other Reapers)

Class Summary

Converted Class: Immune to Convert

The Reaper class is a "Killer" type of the Neutral faction with the objective to kill others that don't need to Survive (can win with other reapers).

The Reaper can reap souls at night with the Reap ability, killing a player while leaving an empty body for 2 days before falling. When enough souls are gathered, the collected souls can be redeemed for power-ups.

The Icy Touch ability can be used during the Day phase to send a target temporarily into death, Unknowingly speaking to the dead instead of the living.

Note: Other Neutral factions won't necessarily assist you, as their objectives are their own.


Killing Abilities





Consume Soul Passive Special If you die at night with at least one soul, you will consume it and come back to life.
Icy Touch Day 2 Target player speaks only to the dead for the day.
Gather Darkness Day Special Consume two souls to make Reap bypass night Immunity.
Reap Night Reap the soul of a player, killing them and leaving an empty body for 2 days. They cannot speak to or be revived by The Priest. Other Reapers are Immune.


  • The Icy Touch ability is useful to prevent a player from defending himself when about to be executed for Treason. However, if he survives the day, it will notify the player that The Reaper is in play.
  • The best type of people to use your Reap ability on are against either someone that is going to kill or is capable of Occupying you.
  • It's often in your best interest to hold off on using Gather Darkness until you have three souls. Staying alive is usually more important.
  • Save as many souls as you can for an emergency.

Lore: Unknown

The scouts are still seeking out this information. although some have claimed to see The Reaper roaming among the dead within the graveyard...

Night Room: Underground Citadel

The scouts are still seeking out this information...


Class inspired by ozdeger, a Royal Guest of the throne.

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