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Objective: Eliminate the opposing factions.

Class Summary

 Original Classes:The Court Wizard/The Mercenary/The Physician/The Priest

The Ritualist is a "Support" class that belongs to the Cult faction with the objective to eliminate the Blue Dragon and any Neutral Killers. It used to be another Support class but was converted by The Cult Leader.

During the day, This class may make a fellow Cult member Immune to The Paladin's cleanse ability, which would kill a The Cult member. If The Ritualist is sacrificed by The Cult Leader, he will bypass immunity by the will of Corax, The God of Darkness.

Special Abilities





Will of Mithras Day


Make a Cult member Immune to The Paladin's Cleanse ability tonight. Note: They are only immune against The Paladin's attack, he will still know they are Cult.
Strength of Corax Night 1 The Cult Leader’s Blood of Mithras ability will bypass night immunity.
Brotherhood Night 1 Prevent any Cult members from being occupied tonight.


  • Your Will of Mithras ability can be one of the most powerful abilities of the Cult faction, if used wisely. If you know who The Paladin is and you know Cult is about to kill them, you could say one of your fellow Cultists is suspicious, using your Will of Mithras ability on them. Make sure you know who The Paladin is and kill them the same night, keeping the name of your member clean, or you will end up with The Paladin accusing your fellow Cultist.
  • Use your Strength of Corax the night you are sacrificed making sure the Cult will get it's kill this night.

Lore: Unknown

As Mithras and Corax spread their influence, the scouts are still seeking further details. All we know is that it's worse than we thought -- what we once knew about the Cult was completely wrong, after discovering these new "Cultists"..

 Night Room: [Shared] Cult Room

The scouts are currently investigating -- check back soon..


Feb, 2017

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