Objective: Live long enough to see those that scorned you die. (Your 3 targets)

Class Summary

Converted Class: Immune to Convert

The Scorned is a "Wildcard" class that belongs to a Neutral faction with the objective to see their three targets die by any means.

NoteOther Neutral factions won't necessarily assist you, as their objectives are their own. Additionally, You can't start with The King or The Prince as targets.


Wildcard Abilities





Resolve Passive Immune to death at night and occupation.
Bait & Switch Night 2 Swap a player with one of your targets, causing anyone targeting that player to now target your target.
Frame Night 2 Make a target appear suspicious to investigative classes.


  • Bait & Switch is a powerful ability to assist getting your targets killed, but anyone who targets the selected player will now know you are in the game, and may lessen your chances of winning.
  • You won't know if your targets are Unseen/Cult, so it is possible to waste Frame by using it on an evil target. It may be better to use this ability later in the game.
  • Depending on who your living targets are, you may find allies in other factions. For example, if you know your last target is Blue Dragon, and you believe there enough Unseen/Cult/Neutrals left to side with you and execute them, just ask, as it will benefit you both.

Lore: Unknown

Our scouts are seeking more information...

 Night Room: Unknown

If I was scorned, where would I sleep at night...


June, 2017

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