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Objective: Defeat the Blue Dragon and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.

Class Summary

** This class does not appear in Casual Mode.

Original Classes: The Observer/The Paladin/The Princess

The Seeker is an Investigative class that belongs to the Cult faction with the objective to defeat the Blue Dragon and any neutrals that seek to do them harm. It used to be an Investigative class but was converted by The Cult Leader. If they were converted from The Princess, they will be a Royal.

This class may use their day ability Expose ability to reveal The Prince's intentions on who he will imprison later that night. At night, the Seeker can choose one of her abilities that would either determine the player's class type or faction, making this class important for the Cult.

Investigative Abilities






Expose Day


Reveal to the Cult the person The Prince is imprisoning tonight.
Gaze Night 3 Determine a player's class type.
Identify Night 2 Determine a player's faction.


  • Expose tells you who The Prince has jailed at the start of the night, not at the time of use of the ability. If no one is jailed that night, it will say so.


  • While playing the Seeker, be sure to save your Expose ability for when you really need it, since you only have one Use.
  • At night, sometimes it's better to determine the faction before the type unless desperately seeking a certain Cultist type for The Cult Leader to Convert.
  • Combining your Gaze and Identify abilities will get you the best results, allowing you to narrow down an individual to only a few classes.
  • You should use Expose when the cult is close to having majority with few Blue Dragon alive. Making sure that doing this The Cult Leader will recruit a Blue Dragon member and get majority.


As Mithras and Corax spread their influence, the scouts are still seeking further details. All we know is that it's worse than we thought -- what we once knew about the Cult was completely wrong, after discovering these new "Cultists"..

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