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Objective: Defeat the Unseen, and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.

Class Summary

** The Sheriff only appears when the Unseen is present.

 Converted Class: The Marshal

The Sheriff is an Guaranteed Investigative class that belongs to the Blue Dragon faction with the objective to defeat the Unseen and any neutrals that seek to do them harm.

This class is one of the most crucial to the Blue Dragon faction, as they can determine if a player is a member of the Unseen at night. This is not only critical information for your allies, but also makes you a large threat to your enemies.


Investigative Abilities






Scout Day You can have a scout watch a player, letting you know if they get converted. The scout will stay on the player until you command them to watch someone else.
Expert Investigation
Expert Investigation Night Determine if a player is a member of the Unseen faction.


  • You do not have to re-use Scout on the same player every day if you wish to keep it on them, as the ability is "set and forget", and does not require re-applying to the same target.


  • Always keep a note of who you checked using the in-game logbook. When you are killed, your notes will be extremely valuable to your faction. Make sure to remind people, in your logbook, that even if your results said your targets in the first three nights are not Unseen, they may be The Mastermind.
  • Make sure to come back to the your first three targets if they are suspicious as they are not confirmed non-Unseen, even if they appeared this way, as The Mastermind doesn't appear as Unseen the first three nights.
  • You should keep your Scout on a high profile ally like The Observer, to make sure they don't get converted.
  • Placing a Scout on a player then after night 3 investigating them can make you have a trustworthy ally (Unless a Neutral Killer is prominent).
  • While Expert Investigation helps weed out the Unseen members, it still gives you a "Not Suspicious" feedback result even if your target was converted that same night. Conversions occur AFTER investigations at night, so to be 100% certain someone is not an Unseen member, be sure to place a Scout on them before you investigate them.
  • When you successfully got an Unseen member executed on trial, be sure to ask for protection or barriers as you have given yourself a spotlight for everyone within the day.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Sherrif:

  • If I use a Scout and I get jailed, will I not be able to see whether the player was converted or not? - Even when jailed, the Scout results come back to you

Lore: Unknown

The scouts are still seeking out this information..

Night Room: Sheriff's Office

The scouts are still seeking out this information..


May, 2016