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Objective: Defeat the Blue Dragon faction.

Converted Class Summary

Original Class: The Priest

The Soulcatcher class used to be The Priest who supported The Blue Dragon, but converted to The Soulcatcher who supports The Black Rose (the antagonist) faction. Converted by The Mastermind.

She is a very powerful "Investigative" type that can survive death. As long as you are alive, gather the information about the class of the other players that you collect, coordinated with The Assassin at night, to figure out the best kill.

Gather souls by targeting your Collect Soul ability on who you believe will die this night.


Support Abilities





Consume Soul Passive If you die at night with at least one soul, you will consume it and come back to life.
Bind Soul Day 1 Choose a target - they become Immune to death the following night.
Collect Soul Night Capture a dying player's soul.
Unleash Souls Night Unleash all the souls he has collected. Each soul targets a random player and tells you their class type.


  • It is easy to disguise The Soulcatctcher as The Priest as long there is no need to revive someone - an ability only used by The Priest.
  • Do not forget to coordinate your Collect Soul ability with The Assassin's kill.
  • During end-game, you may want to consider using your Bind Soul ability on the Assassin to make sure both of you survive.

Lore: Unknown

“No harm shall come to my people - I will not allow it, for I will guide their path, for I am the King’s soul.”

Night Room: [Shared] Black Rose Room

Throne of Lies - Black Rose Room (Night) - Immersive Screenshot Teaser00:31

Throne of Lies - Black Rose Room (Night) - Immersive Screenshot Teaser

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