Trial and Treason Mechanics

Execution Examples - Ice Staff, Dagger, Sword

Execution Examples (old gfx/shaders/models). Might need some Armor too.

During the Day Phase, players can accuse others of Treason. If the majority of players agree (50%+1 vote), the accused will stand a trial and, if guilty, will be executed by the initial accuser.

The execution type will be determined by the weapon they wield. For example, if you wield a sword, you may perform a slashing ability. If you wield a staff, you may cast a spell.

Different Selector Types (Equipped, Purchased, Equip)

Rumors say that some legendary weapons will even allow you to choose between more than 1 execution abilities.


Execution is the process of death by voting during the Treason phase.

The Fool's goal is to be executed, but all other players want to avoid being executed, especially the Unseen/Cult members.

Execution is the primary method of killing for the Blue Dragon members and is usually carried out in their favor (i.e. the targets are usually suspected Unseen or Cult members).

Additionally, The Prince has the ability to execute the target of his Imprison ability during the night.

Lore: Unknown

Our scouts are continually searching...

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