So... Beta came out 40 mins ago... The first patch is 0.9.0, Containing all the following features:


  • Added some SFX for executions and the UI in-game.
  • Currently all the UI buttons will pretty much be the same noise. More variety will come later.
  • The SFX for the executions will be expanded upon later.
  • The king voting system has been changed. More than 2 players can step up now. Royals still have the chance to step up first. Players will have 45 seconds to make their case while voting happens.
  • 2 new weapons. The Kickstarter sword and a morning star.
  • (After testing, Kickstarter sword+armor will be wiped permanently except for Dukes+)
  • Drastically improved load times with art + animation.
  • Cursor now hides during loading screen
  • New message to let people know chat exists when joining a room.


  • Removed Trance.
  • Added Telepathy.
  • Mental Blur now has 2 uses.


  • Dark wisp now affects the entire Unseen and is limited to 2 uses.
  • The Mastermind will appear as an Observer and the Assassin will appear as a Butler.


  • Flirt has been changed to show the same pairing of classes. One pairing is Killer and Offensive type, so if you flirt with a Killer class it will always show they are Killer or Offensive.

The pairings are:

  • Killer/Offensive
  • Special/Investigative
  • Support/Social
  • Wildcard classes will appear as Killer/Offensive.


  • Removed Visions.

Bug Fixes:

  • Loading screen starts faster when host starts the game
  • Exit button on login screen
  • GP calculations should reflect what you actually get
  • End screen mixups (+Thronebot end reports) should be fixed
  • Fixed gender for female armors in "My Character"
  • Private room checkbox is now hidden when JOINING a room
  • Unleash Souls can no longer target the King.

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