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Veteran Status

This was a limited promotion to offer FREE keys to all phases of the game to early supporters that registered on our website. This was done for two reasons:

  1. To say "thanks" to those that supported us before we even had anything to show and being advocates to tell your friends about us!
  2. To contribute to overall population for our initial release.


There were a few rules to follow to be eligible for veteran status:

  1. You registered on our official site before 9/7/2016 (EST).
  2. You confirmed your email for our newsletter.
  3. You never unsubscribed from our newsletter.
  4. You were never caught registering more than once or on throw-away accounts
  5. Your email passed our "real email" checker: If you have a throwaway email, fake email, duplicate email, have "too high" privacy settings that cause an admin/soft bounceback, or a real bounceback, #5 would fail.

Confirm Status

You may confirm your status by entering your email here.


Veterans will receive their keys shortly after the Kickstarter backers do (in a second cohort) via email. If a key was never received within a few days after Alpha, it's likely eligibility was lost.


  • 1,617 emails were confirmed as a Veteran.
  • 211 emails were disqualified.

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