The Weapons of Throne of Lies

Weapons are used to execute victims accused of Treason.

There are a variety of weapons to choose from, split into different categories.


Abaddon Axe

Cost: 2000 GP

Ability: Hell's Fury

Lore: N/A

Demonic Axe of Confusion

Cost: 750 GP

Ability: Triple Threat

Lore: (Unnamed)

The stories are told of this axe that would bring about madness and terror. Simply wielding the axe has been rumored to instill the deepest fears against those that face it, dying from shock before the edge hits them


Squire's Sword

Cost: FREE

Ability: Slash, Slash!

Lore: The Undying Sword

A rusty, yet efficient sword, inherited from fallen members of the castle; often called "The Undying Sword" since the sword, itself, lives on. (From: Game)

Frosted Blade

Cost: 750 GP

Ability: TODO

Lore: Unknown

Frozen wastelands are not found far from Castle Adiart, however, we need to send more scouts out to find the meaning of this...

Heaven's Sword

Cost: 1500 GP

Ability: Holy Strike

Lore: N/A

Sword of Kings

Cost: Can't be Purchased (Kickstarter Exclusive)

Ability: Imperial Smite

Lore: Loyalty to the Royals

Wielding this sword represents royal advocacy of the Throne, backing the King's army, forged with dragonsteel and infused with an energy of great power.


Crooked Voodoo Staff

Cost: 1500 GP

Ability: Soul Shock

Lore: (Unnamed, just taking the lore straight from Customize)

This staff is said to hold the power to control Reapers. Although no one has successfully done so, this staff is known to be able to rip a soul out of victims' bodies.

Ceremonial Blood Staff.

Cost: 2000 GP

Ability: Banish

Lore: (Unnamed)

This staff was recovered from a once-known cultist lair, said to have been dropped by a senior member, offering us a glimpse of the powers of Mithras, the God of Blood. Don't stare at it for too long......



Ring of Pyromancy

Cost: 1250 GP

Execution Ability: Rising Flames

Lore: The first wizard

This ring belonged to the first wizard of Castle Adiart -- so, the tale has been told by Kings - the real legend of this ring is said to hold infused power of the underworld flames.


Rune of Focus

Cost: 750 GP

Ability: Ahemark Blast

Lore: N/A

Frozen Rune

Cost: 1250 GP

Ability: Conjure Ice

Lore: N/A

Voidstone of Corax

Cost: 2000 GP

Ability: Banish

Lore: N/A


Vortex Amulet

Cost: 1250 GP

Execution Ability: Energy Flux

Lore: N/A




Spiked Morning Star

Cost: 1250 GP

Ability: Pulverise

Lore: The Mourning Star

Sometimes called a "Mourning" star due to how many have fallen due to this heavily-spiked mace. No one even knows the spikes are forged with dragon whisker knockoffs!


Warden's Bludgeon

Cost: 1500 GP

Ability: Clobber

Lore: N/A

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